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PredictWind’s Latest Innovation Benefits Powerboating Experience

PredictWind’s latest innovation, Advanced Weather Routing for Powerboats, is a refined feature tailored exclusively for powerboat enthusiasts and is poised to revolutionize how powerboaters plan their coastal and offshore passages.


What sets PredictWind’s Powerboat Weather Routing apart is its emphasis on safety and comfort metrics. This tool calculates potential hazards by harnessing advanced hydrodynamic modeling, including roll, vertical acceleration, and boat slamming. Users gain comprehensive insights into the entire trip, thanks to ‘big data’ from various forecast wave models and PredictWind weather models.


Key Features:


Fuel Efficiency: Optimize your departure date to conserve fuel and ensure the smoothest journey.

State-of-the-Art Algorithm: Crafted specifically for powerboats, this algorithm considers boat drag due to wind and wave conditions, utilizing comprehensive ocean and tidal current data.

Tailored to Your Vessel: Customize calculations based on boat specifications, providing precise windage and wave effect insights.

User-Friendly Interface: Easily plan your route using a dedicated interface, complete with illustrative maps, graphs, and tables.

PredictWind’s alert system: Stay informed about extreme weather occurrences and seamanship considerations like wind against the current. 

Departure Planning Tool: Powerboaters can choose the best time to commence their journey, avoiding unforeseen weather disturbances.

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