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‘Queen Mary 2’ rescues sailor from Atlantic

LONDON (LOG NEWS SERVICE) — The cruise liner Queen Mary 2 rescued a sailor taking part in a trans-Atlantic yacht race after several vessels were damaged in rough seas.

The Royal Western Yacht Club in Plymouth, southwest England, which hosted the race, said three boats set off emergency beacons on June 9 amid 60-knot winds and 50-foot waves.

Canada’s coast guard sent ships and air support to the boats.

The Cunard Cruise line, which owns QM2, the ship that rescued the lone yachtsman Mervyn Wheatley,73, as part of the rescue operation, said that it was standard practice for a vessel to go to the aid of another vessel in distress.

Capt. Chris Wells, master of the 1,132-foot QM2, said June 10 that Wheatley “is safe and well.”

Wells said that Wheatley would have a more leisurely and luxurious transit for the rest of his voyage than in his 38-foot boat. He said the QM2 was heading for Halifax, Nova Scotia.

A total of five sailors were rescued during the rescue operation — one by QM2; two by Thor Magni, an oil and gas supply ship; and, two by the commercial tug ALP Forward — which was organized out of Halifax.

The RWYC said everyone aboard the three damaged boats was rescued and no injuries were reported. Two other boats were also damaged.

Twenty-two boats made up of solo sailors and crews of two, were taking part in the transatlantic race which began May 29 from Plymouth, England to Newport, Rhode Island.

A report from The Associated Press was used in this story.


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