Rains Help Lake Lanier Rebound from Low Water Level

Byline: Associated Press

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (AP) — Recent rains have helped to replenish the water level at Lake Lanier, a major recreation area and the main source of drinking water for Atlanta.

The Times of Gainesville reported that Lake Lanier’s water level is the highest it has been since early November.

Authorities said the lake water level had been dropping by nearly a 1.5 feet every two weeks.

It had dropped to 1,057.91 feet above sea level on Nov. 14, the lowest it had been since March 2009, during a drought that had started in 2007.

But recent rains have helped to reverse the lake’s downward course.

Lanier’s water level Dec. 26 was 1,059.22 feet — still nearly 11 feet below the winter full pool of 1,070 feet.

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