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Second Catch Campaign Encourages Father-Daughter Fishing Adventures

While Father’s Day has come and gone, the ripples created by the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation’s “Second Catch” campaign extend far beyond a single celebratory weekend. This initiative aims to tackle a significant disparity in the fishing industry – the higher drop-off rate among female participants as compared to males.


“Research consistently shows a positive correlation between fishing and self-esteem in women,” explains Rachel Piacenza, the foundation’s senior director of consumer marketing and communications. “But it also reveals a concerning trend – girls tend to abandon fishing at a younger age than boys, often feeling excluded from these activities.”


Launched during National Fishing and Boating Week, the “Second Catch” campaign seeks to bridge this gap and encourage young women to continue their fishing journeys alongside their fathers. While overall participation in fishing has seen an upward trend in recent years, there’s also been a rise in people who stop fishing, with the number reaching a peak after the COVID-19 pandemic.


“Retaining and re-activating participants is crucial for the long-term sustainability of fishing and boating,” said foundation President & CEO Dave Chanda. “The ‘Second Catch’ campaign provides valuable resources that our stakeholders can utilize to promote these activities at the local level, fostering a more inclusive environment for everyone.”


The campaign emphasizes the power of shared experiences in fostering lifelong connections. Its centerpiece is a heartwarming animated short film that depicts the journey of a father and daughter whose shared love of fishing fades over time. Years later, the daughter’s reignited passion for fishing rekindles their bond on the water, demonstrating the lasting impact of these experiences.


Beyond the emotional appeal, the “Second Catch” campaign offers a practical toolkit to support its goals. The foundation provides a variety of free, customizable resources, including videos, social media assets and email templates. These tools empower organizations and individuals to promote father-daughter fishing adventures in their communities, encouraging more girls to embrace this rewarding pastime.


This initiative coincides with “Free Fishing Days” hosted by state agencies across the country, eliminating licensing barriers for residents to experience the joys of fishing firsthand. Additionally, other organizations, such as the American Sportfishing Association, have launched campaigns. The association’s “Fishing Share the Fun” encourages experienced anglers to introduce others to the sport.


The boating and fishing foundation, a non-profit, plays a vital role in promoting responsible recreational fishing and boating, while also advocating for conservation. Their “Take Me Fishing” and “Vamos A Pescar” campaigns focus on attracting new participants and reeling those who may have dropped off back in. The organization provides educational resources and tools to make these activities accessible and enjoyable for all.


The importance of getting more women involved in fishing extends beyond simply closing the participation gap. Studies reveal a significant link between women who fish and increased confidence, self-esteem and a deeper connection with nature. A more diverse fishing community fosters a broader range of perspectives on conservation and resource management, ensuring the sustainability of the pastime.


The “Second Catch” campaign represents a significant step towards a more inclusive and vibrant fishing community. By encouraging fathers to share their love of fishing with their daughters and providing the tools to support such endeavors, the foundation aims to create a lasting ripple effect, ensuring girls not only discover the joys of fishing but also become passionate stewards of aquatic ecosystems.


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