Send The Log your questions for the California Boating Congress

Marine Recreation Association hosts the second-ever California Boating Congress (CBC) in Sacramento on March 1. The all-day conference and meet-up connects boaters and marine professionals with industry leaders, policymakers and state legislators.

The event provides a forum for the state’s recreational boating industry to advocate on the issues directly affecting them and push for legislators to include boater needs in future policy proposals.

Speakers include California State Parks Director Lisa Mangat, California Sportfishing League Executive Director Marko Mlikotin, California Division of Boating and Waterways Enforcement Unit Director Corrina Dugger and California Department of Fish and Wildlife Environmental Program Manager (Marine Division) Sonke Mastrup.

Topics to be discussed at the CBC include predatory lawsuits, boating and fishing access, mandatory boater education and abandoned vessels.

The Log will be present at the CBC to ask industry leaders and state legislators important questions about the state of recreational boating.

Do you have questions you’d like to have asked at the CBC? Please submit your questions to Sr. Content Editor Parimal M. Rohit via email at

The one-day conference will be held the Hyatt Regency Sacramento. Contact the MRA at 209-334-0661 for event information.

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2 thoughts on “Send The Log your questions for the California Boating Congress

  • Steven Caldero

    When will there be a statewide program to collect expired flares for recycling?

  • Steven Caldero

    “The boaters of California are very frustrated with the expense and difficulty of finding where to properly dispose of marine flares every 36 months. Many boaters report sea disposal which pollutes the ocean with perchlorate but they don’t know what to do with them. When will state take action to make sure that boaters have a safe and convenient way to dispose of flares and that the cost is built into the product price so we are not paying to dispose which is a deterrent to doing the right thing? What and who at the state is going to do something?”



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