SF-to-Alcatraz Swimmers Reportedly Hid on Island

Byline: Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The Coast Guard said two men who swam all the way from San Francisco’s Aquatic Park to Alcatraz hid on the island while would-be rescuers spent nearly three hours searching for them.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that a boater spotted the pair in the bay the evening of July 18 and notified authorities.             Coast Guard officer Mark Leahey said officials thought they might be swimmers in distress, and two boats and a helicopter began a search.

Rangers searching with flashlights eventually found the two men lying face down on the island’s Agave Trail. They were cited for trespassing, entering a closed area, disturbing wildlife and creating a hazardous condition.

Officials said the men, each 38 years old, were off-duty firefighters from outside the San Francisco Bay area.

Leahey said swimmers should alert the Coast Guard before attempting a swim to Alcatraz.


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