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Sharrow & VEEM Achieve Milestone in Inboard Vessel Testing

Sharrow Marine, a subsidiary of Sharrow Engineering LLC, has announced a significant advancement in its partnership with Australia-based VEEM Ltd (ASX: VEE), a designer and manufacturer of marine propulsion and stabilization systems. Following collaborative design work and testing on VEEM’s 64-foot Viking test vessel, the companies confirmed that the key benefits of the Sharrow Propeller can be replicated for inboard vessel applications.

The testing demonstrated improved fuel efficiency, reduced vibration and noise, better handling and excellent reverse thrust, meeting the criteria for progressing to their partnership’s next phase. Both parties are now committed to manufacturing and selling the Sharrow by VEEM range of propellers for inboard vessels, with a focus on fulfilling pre-orders and optimizing designs for each vessel.

Greg Sharrow, founder and CEO of Sharrow Engineering and Sharrow Marine, expressed enthusiasm about the milestone, highlighting the potential of their technology to redefine standards in the market sector. Mark Miocevich, VEEM managing director, emphasized the importance of careful management during the rollout to ensure ongoing optimization of the design.

The collaboration between Sharrow Marine and VEEM, officials said, signifies a breakthrough in commercial marine propulsion and offers expanded defense opportunities in Australia and the U.S. The technology also aligns with global sustainability efforts by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and marine noise pollution.

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Sharrow Engineering is based in Detroit. Sharrow Marine produces and sells award-winning propellers for the maritime industry.VEEM is a designer and manufacturer of marine propulsion and stabilization systems for various industries, headquartered in Perth, Western Australia.

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