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State Efforts Aim to Expand On-Water Access Opportunities

According to Recreational Boaters of California (RBOC), the Division of Boating and Waterways (DBW) within State Parks is investing $10 million to better connect urban communities with water resources through its Water Connections Initiative. This initiative aims to broaden access to water-related outdoor activities, particularly in priority communities.

These priority communities, defined as having at least 2,500 residents situated near rivers, inland waterways and other water systems, currently lack significant access to nature due to various constraints.

Funding under this initiative will be allocated for:

  1. Expanding and enhancing state park public access facilities.
  2. Supporting career pathways and route-to-parks grants through Parks California.
  3. Identifying and constructing necessary public access facilities.

Starting in 2023, DBW will oversee the allocation of $10 million for local jurisdiction projects identified within its boating launch facility grant program.

RBOC endorses policies aimed at improving access to water-based recreational activities across California, fostering enjoyment of the state’s abundant water resources.

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One thought on “State Efforts Aim to Expand On-Water Access Opportunities

  • What are the primary objectives of state efforts to expand water access opportunities as discussed in the article?



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