Strange anomaly in the Atlantic Ocean reads as a massive fire by NASA technology, creeps people out

WASHINGTON D.C. — Seafarers, for years, have heard the strange tale of the Bermuda Triangle. Explorers have long searched for the Lost City of Atlantis. Even tales of monsters, from Nessie in Loch Ness, Champ of Lake Champlain and the “headless chicken” sea creature, have fascinated and filled news feeds since the tabloid ages. Some of these stories have kernels of truths and some do not – or do they? National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, is currently observing an unnerving “fire” in the Atlantic Ocean off of Brazil’s coast.

The weird part? NASA, through further research, has determined there is no possibility a fire could be raging in this area of the ocean. According to a report by, NASA has narrowed this phenomenon down to the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly, or SAMA, which is a weakness in the Earth’s magnetic field that exposes a dose of radiation. This, in simpler terms, unusual force has been growing for 1,000 years under the Earth’s crust and is essentially destroying the Earth’s radiation field – it is even interfering with satellites.

NASA scans the Earth’s surface each night using a program called VIIRS, or the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite, and noticed the spooky fire.

“Obviously a fire isn’t burning in the middle of the ocean,” said Patricia Olivia, a Universidad Mayor scientist, in a NASA release dating back to July 2017. “It is almost certainly SAMA.”

Gas flares, volcanic activity and other natural events were ruled out and NASA began to work towards solving the interference of this anomaly. However, though initially the team discovered an algorithm to remove alerts of the bizarre fire in the ocean, but this did not last for long.

VIIRS, every once in a while, will still alert of the effects of SAMA in the Atlantic Ocean.

Olivia further added: “If we are too aggressive with our filtering, there is a risk that we will remove real fires from the data record.”


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