U-Boat Worx launches 2-person sub

BREDA – For those interested in exploring the ocean floor, Dutch submersible manufacturer U-Boat Worx has launched a new ultra-compact two person HP Sport Sub 2.

The high-performance submersible can fit onboard superyachts or be towed behind a car.

According to Founder and Chairman Bert Houtman, the submersible design is “suitable for all superyachts from 30 meters (98 feet) and up”.

The luxury submersible has a 330-feet depth-rating, weighs only 2,200 kilograms . and has an ultra-low height of 136 cm (53 inches).

“The design is attractive, but above all, safe and functional,” Houtman said.“We’ve adopted a very different look compared to traditional submersibles, but without compromising safety and ease of use – the ability to easily board the craft at the surface, for example.”

The result is a modern and streamlined submersible with exceptional performance. Although this “subsea-Ferrari” was principally designed to maximize the excitement of diving, U-Boat Worx has created a full-fledged submersible.

U-Boat Worx’ HP Sport Sub 2 production models are scheduled for delivery for the autumn of 2015.


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