Updated Boating Facility Needs Assessment draft nearing completion

Division of Boating and Waterways announces a draft report will be available to the public by mid-September and the project should be completed by end of the year.

EUREKA — What kind of boating facilities are needed in the state of California? The state’s Division of Boating and Waterways (DBW) is currently updating its “California Boating Facilities Needs Assessment,” a comprehensive study and report of on-water facilities in the Golden State.

At DBW Commission meeting in Eureka on Aug. 16, Ramona Fernandez, the division’s deputy director, stated the draft report for boating facility needs is expected to be available to the public by mid-September. California State University Sacramento was assigned the task to draft the reports; university staff has worked on similar project administrations for previous assessments.

Currently in their studies, staff at CSU Sacramento have completed data collection and in the process of finalizing a facility database. The project is on track to be finished by Dec. 31.

This report, which includes 10 volumes, focuses on methods of obtaining date, statewide funding and future recommendations and the regions studied. The seven regions surveyed are areas that have been studied for recreational uses by DBW in Outdoor Recreation in California’s Regions 2013, and are broken into Northern California, Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Sierra, Central Valley, Central Coast, Los Angeles and Southern California.

Volume three, the section on statewide funding and recommendations, is newly included. DBW Commissioner Randy Short commented he was glad to see a section added for this topic and he felt it would be helpful in the future.

The comprehensive presentation takes into account the perspective of boaters operating motorized and non-motorized vessels. Waterway classification will also be determined as will the need for waterways.

California last updated its Boating Facility Needs Assessment in 2002. The most recent study can be found online at DBW’s official website and covers subjects such as historical boat population trends by region, projected boating needs broken down by state and region, and vessel populations.

DBW uses this assessment to determine which regions and areas have the greatest needs for improved facilities, including planning and construction of small craft harbors, marina facilities, boat ramps, and boat uses.

On the official website, it also states: “Boating facility projects are funded by boater fuel taxes and by repayment of principal and interest on outstanding small craft harbor loans.”

Various types of boaters from the seven regions are surveyed for this information.

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