Wily coyote sneaks into boat show in Nashville

NASHVILLE—Imagine having a fun-filled day at the boat show and then heading to the public bathroom only to find a coyote there. This is exactly what happened at a boat show in Nashville, Tennessee.

The scene of the event took place at Music City Center, where the coyote was found on the counter of the bathroom “just scared.” Oddly enough, a security camera caught footage of the coyote entering the check-in point of the Music City Center just before 10:30 p.m.

According to a tweet by Metro Nashville PD, Central Precinct Officer Brenna Hosey escorted the animal into her police car using catch poles. Afterwards, Hosey drove the coyote to a wooded area and released it back into the wild.

Reason for the coyote’s break-in was deemed to have been caused by Nashville’s sudden growth, which is likely infringing on the species’ territory. Similar situations have been happening on the West Coast and it’s not only on land.

With an increase in ship traffic on the waters, some animals, such as dolphins, have experienced the impact of encroaching human life including collisions, disturbance from noises (this can impact the species’ abilities for communication in social situations) and changes in behavior. In other areas of the world such as in the Arctic North unusual marine mammals such as narwhals, whales and other migratory species are been challenged by vessel traffic. Even polar bears, which are notoriously aggressive predators (adults males average 990 lbs.), have suffered from increased on-water navigation that may be causing sea ice to melt. Polar bears use the ice as a platform for hunting seals according to an article by EcoWatch.

However, though there may be broader implications for the coyote’s arrival into the convention center, it still begs the question of just what other weird things like this may have occurred at a boat show.

Have you ever experienced a bizarre event like this one at a boat show? What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever run into while browsing yachts? Be sure to keep the situation family friendly and share it with The Log via letter to the editor or social media outlets.


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