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World’s Fastest All-Electric Passenger Ship to Launch in Stockholm

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN— The world’s fastest all-electric passenger ship will hit Stockholm’s waterways in 2022, shuttling passengers to and from the archipelago above the waves without wakes, noise, and CO2 emissions. Swedish tech company Candela plans to launch its new foiling Candela P-30 as soon as next year with the intention of the ferries eventually replacing the city’s aging fleet of 60 diesel boats that serve commuters and visitors. After sea trials, the P-30 will start commercial operation in 2023.

At its introduction, the foiling P-30 will hold the distinction of setting several world records. It will be the longest-range electric passenger ship, as well as the fastest. It will also be the most energy-efficient fast ship ever built.

Funded jointly by Stockholm technology boat builder Candela, and the Swedish transport authority, the P-30 flies on computer-controlled hydrofoils which reduce energy consumption by 80 percent compared to the best fast ferries of today. The all-electric commuter ferries will soar above the waves on foils, quietly carrying up to 30 passengers at speeds up to 30 knots.

“Today, most of our waterways are unused for mass transit, even though most highways are congested during rush-hour traffic. Opening up urban waterways for high-speed electric transport can revolutionize commuting in cities such as San Francisco, Seoul or Amsterdam – at a very low cost,” said Gustav Hasselskog, the founder and CEO of Candela, in a March 25 released statement. “There’s no need to build new infrastructure.”

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