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Cemetery to Use Dredged Harbor Sediment?

posted: 9/10/2012
A New Idea -- Hawaii Kai Community Association has a novel idea for disposing of its future marina dredging sediment: provide it to a soon-to-be constructed nearby cemetery that has a shortage of fill dirt. -- Hawaii Kai Community Association photo
HONOLULU (AP) -- A developer is looking to use tons of dredged harbor sediment from an east Honolulu marina to supply fill dirt for a nearby planned cemetery.            

There’s not enough dirt on the Hawaii Kai cemetery site for burials, so an idea was presented to the community in August to take sediment from Mariner’s Cove marina.            

Attorney William McCorriston who is representing developer and landowner Hawaii Kai Memorial Park said the Hawaii Kai Marina Community Association asked if the cemetery would take marina sediment from a needed dredging project that has yet to begin.

Association Director Rich Cheski said it’s a logical choice, because there’s nowhere else to put it the dredged material.             However, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported the plan has raised concerns among some city residents.            

Cemetery construction is expected to begin next year.

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