Kiss Your Katch

  • Kiss My Bass!!

    My name is Nicole Lloyd, I am 19 years old, and couldn’t have been more excited to get out on

  • Hell of a Halibut

    Arlene Raskin of Prescott, Arizona with her huge 20 pound Halibut caught on the Green Bee

  • Cold steel

    52lb white seabass speared off backside Santa Barbara island.

  • Lobster Hooping

    I got lobster hoops for my birthday on Nov. 12th. We went out of Marina del Rey a week later,

  • 8.5 lb Catalina Calico

    Sierra Brown speared this 8.5 lb Calico off Santa Catalina island in chilly waters on January 14, 2017. Sierra currently

  • Phil’s Ling Cod Kiss

    Phil’s Ling Cod Kiss! Channel Islands, CA. 3.8.17

  • Watch for teeth!!

    Caught this big California Sheephead on the 4th of July out in Santa Cruz Island.

  • Rooster get a Kiss

    Rooster get a Kiss

  • Kissing My Calico! Caught off Anacapa while fishing with my husband.

    2326 Madrone Street

  • Love Fishing

    On board a friend’s 46ft Bertram, The Lucky Pirate, off of Anacapa Island. Our dog, Sadie loves to go fishing.

  • Spiny KISS!

    Hoopnetting lobsters at Catalina island. Went with 4 friends on the NatalieAnn Sportfishing boat! Had a great time catching bugs!

  • Kiss your Bass

    Calico Bass fishing with Hookup Baits on the Premier 1/2 day out of H&M Landing!

  • Loving the Threaser

    Good times!

  • E’s first fish

    #1 fish

  • Whopper

    Jackpot of the day

  • Jess ranch rainbow.

    Zachery Charles used a gold kastmaster to fool this 2.5 lb rainbow trout at jess ranch lakes.

  • Sophia’s Cuda

    Although not a kiss your catch picture,I thought this picture came out real nice and thought I’d offer it to

  • Going deep to kiss your catch

    Sail San Diego owner takes some time off to dive in Little Cayman and Decided to catch this one with

  • Halibut

    Northern Channel Islands 25lb butt

  • Kiss my katch

    The real deal!



  • Double smooches

    30lb Thanksgiving treat


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