Kiss Your Katch

  • Here, fishy fishy!!!

    Amanda and her dad, Paul, celebrating Father’s Day together!!

  • Les Poissons

    Les Poissons

  • Auntie M Loves that Tuna!

    My sister Marcella Waggoner on the Cortez 08-23-2019

  • A Kiss for Good Luck

    My first time deep sea fishing on my father in laws boat off the coast of Huntington Beach and I

  • Calico kiss

    Caught this big Calico at the LJ in Channel Island Epic day of fishing.

  • Kiss me just 4 the halibut

    2565 Datecircle

  • baby shark

    I was expecting a small bass or something not a shark.

  • I caught it but I’m not kissing it!!!!!

    1st fish. Look at those eyes!!!! She yelled dirty words for help as her pole was almost bent in half.


    Sorry – I thought it was called “Lick Your Katch” lol

  • Pink love

    Lory Woods aka “L-Bass” shows some special love and “Kisses her Katch” that she caught with her lucky pink pole.

  • “Jayden loves fish” is locked Jayden loves fish

    Jayden Black kissing her catch wile brother JJ helps. Note chocolate face really is the secret!

  • Kiss a Chilipepper?

    I took my daughter, Sophia, bottom fishing at the North 9 on 3/17. Limits of small & medium size reds

  • Dino and Jeff caught this beauty at Miramar lake

    Dino and Jeff caught this beauty at Miramar lake

  • 32 lb. Halibut off Oceanside last week on Top Shelf

    I caught this 32 lb / 45 inch Halibut off Oceanside last week from my boat “Top Shelf”.

  • Double smooches

    30lb Thanksgiving treat



  • Kiss my katch

    The real deal!

  • Halibut

    Northern Channel Islands 25lb butt

  • Going deep to kiss your catch

    Sail San Diego owner takes some time off to dive in Little Cayman and Decided to catch this one with

  • Sophia’s Cuda

    Although not a kiss your catch picture,I thought this picture came out real nice and thought I’d offer it to

  • Jess ranch rainbow.

    Zachery Charles used a gold kastmaster to fool this 2.5 lb rainbow trout at jess ranch lakes.

  • Whopper

    Jackpot of the day

  • E’s first fish

    #1 fish

  • Loving the Threaser

    Good times!

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