Dog Aboard

  • Whale Hunting with Chloe

    Brenda Curet-Chandler submitted this photo of 7-year-old Chloe at the wheel and navigating through Long Beach’s Alamitos Bay in search of a baby whale. Also on board was 15-year-old Luccabear.

  • Cruising with Cooper

    Bill Burton submitted this photo of Cooper enjoying a beautiful calm morning ride. Cooper loves to ride around Point Loma in his dinghy every chance he gets, Burton wrote.

  • All aboard, three dogs on a tour

    Sky, Pancho and Spartacus are pictured here (left to right) enjoying a day on the water aboard Scooter, a 25-foot Trojan in Dana Point Harbor. Skylar is a full breed Pomeranian. Pancho is believed to be a Russell-mix. Spartacus seems to be in between a standard size Pom and a Teacup Pomeranian. “We call him a ‘coffee cup’ Pomeranian,” owner John Bercsi wrote. All three of these water dogs are rescues.

  • Cruising with happiness

    Viper cruises Newport Harbor on a beautiful sunny day with a smile on his face. His happy place is on a boat, whether it’s cruising on the ocean or on the lakes. Viper enjoys rides on the towable behind Michael Pohl’s lake boat and is just as content to spend the day out on the ocean watching his humans fish. Viper is a two-year-old Mal-Shi, a Maltese and Shih Tzu hybrid.

  • A star on a ship

    Polaris is pictured here aboard Liberation, a 1984 Uniflite Aft Cabin 36. Polaris is a Miniature Bull Terrier, like the Target dog and Spuds MacKenzie (the dog in the Bud Light Beer ad campaign). Polaris hates the water but loves boats, according to her owner Gretchen Stoltz. “We call her Old Salt, because she would be a great ship dog,” Stoltz said. “The boat is her playground.”

  • Pug and Trawler

    Catherine Brisson submitted this photo of Meatball enjoying a kayak ride with his daddy. Meatball is a 13-year-old pug who also likes to sun himself on the Brisson’s 1987 MMC Trawler in Santa Barbara Harbor and play with his toys in the boat’s salon.

  • From stray dog to Capt. Jackshund

    Asher, a seven year-old Jackshund (Dachshund and Jack Russell mix), resides in Playa Del Rey with his adoptive parents, Naomi and Noah Hochman. Asher went from living on the streets of Encino to becoming captain of their 42-foot Chaparral, Puffin in Marina del Rey. He enjoys barking at sea lions, sunning on the bow and riding shotgun (hood ornament-style) on the dinghy. Asher is also the unofficial mascot of the California Yacht Club. To be a part of his nautical adventures, you can follow him on Instagram at @asherthehound.

  • Brindle coat on a boat

    Sophie, a beautiful brindle coat Plott Hound, enjoys being on the boat. This 5-year-old hound loves to swim with her owners, Beverly and Rolf Van de Velde. Plott Hounds were originally bred to hunt boar, but Sophie’s favorite pastime is being on the lookout for seals while out on the dinghy.

  • The Nauti Dog

    Kala, a 3-year-old Coton de Tulear, loves everything to do with the water. She is as comfortable on Don and Judy Cole’s 48-foot Tayana as she is on the dinghy, kayak or standup paddleboard. Kala is referred to as “the nauti dog.” Her maritime adventures can be seen on her Instagram account, @kalathenautidog.

  • Boating-Bulldogs

    Duncan and Lola, both bulldog puppies, are pictured here with their lifejackets on enjoying the wind and sun. They love cruising on the water with James and Nikki Perham in their 40-foot catamaran, Extreme Escape.

  • Bella on the Bow

    Bella is quite the water dog with an active lifestyle of swimming, kayaking and boating on rivers, lakes, harbors and oceans. “Say the word ‘boat,’ and it’s on,” said her owner Robert. A 7-year-old, female, pure bread Shih Tzu, Bella was born in Oregon. She now lives in Huntington Beach and on the Rogue River. Bella is pictured here relaxing on the bow of the Robalo.

  • Dogs on a dinghy

    “Duncan took his first mate Lola on a dingy ride on the bay,” said owners, James and Nikki Perham. Duncan (pictured here at 1.5 years of age) and Lola (1-year-old) are both Beabulls, which are a cross between a Beagle and an English Bulldog. These Beabulls enjoy cruising around the San Diego Bay.

  • The Watch Dog

    A dachshund, named Remy, is seen here aboard Goose Dog scanning the horizon for other boats in the Channel Islands Harbor. The boat was “named after another dog who had a penchant for chasing geese,” the owner, Dan Davis, said. Remy appears to have a liking to be the lookout.

  • Cattle Dog from Down Under

    Kora is a 2-year-old Australian Cattle Dog who loves being aboard the boat on the ocean with her crew, Brian and Dayna Whitaker, out of San Pedro’s Cabrillo Marina. Kora, according to the Whitakers, occasionally heads to sea with her canine companion, a blue Queensland heeler named Mathew Quigley, as first mate. The Whitakers say Kora calls the Queensland heeler “Roy.”

  • First-mate Maci

    Mike Eggleston submitted this photo of Maci, a Labrador Retriever at 18 months of age. Obviously, Maci finds boating quite relaxing. She is right at home aboard PacTime, a Pacifica 44 Sportfisher, in Oceanside Harbor.

  • Sailing Shar Pei

    Jennifer Semmes submitted this picture of Huey aboard Melana. Huey is a Shar Pei mix who loves boating. He is pictured here on the boat in Newport Harbor. The boat is docked in Oceanside. Semmes and Huey enjoy sailing to Newport Beach and spending the weekend there.

  • Digby in Dana Point

    Digby is pictured here wearing his life vest like a good canine cruising the coast. Digby is obviously very happy to be on the water in Dana Point harbor aboard American Girl, a 31-foot Maxum. Actually Digby, a 7-yearold Lhasa Apso, is always happy according to his owner Dawn Mills.

  • Augie,-Rusty-and-Lennon

    Augie, Rusty and Lennon, Mark Widder’s three Labrador Retrievers, enjoy boat rides aboard Firecracker. Firecracker, a custom built replica of a 1929 28-ft Chris Craft Runabout, was featured in the “SoCal Classic” section of The Log’s Jan. 27-Feb. 9 issue. Widder’s lab, Rusty, first appeared in The Log six years ago aboard his tender at White’s Cove with his other yellow lab Charley.

  • Pickles

    Pickles, a pound pup to a loved pooch Pickles was a pup picked up from the pound. Now she is Lloyd Clark’s first mate aboard Knot Around, a 28-foot Bayliner Contessa. Pickles, between 3 to 4 years of age, is a Maltese. She enjoys her boat rides to Catalina Island and likes to go after big cranes. Pickles is loved by everyone at Sunset Aquatic in Huntington Harbour.

  • Brady

    Brady, pictured here on his way to Cherry Cove, enjoys his trips to Catalina Island. He is a certified therapy dog, so these trips are well deserved vacations for him. He loves to be on and in the water. As a puppy, he would get car sick, but ironically he never did on the boat. Brady apparently has his sea legs! He belongs to Kerry and Mike Emery, who are members of the Coronado Yacht Club.

  • Roxy and GiGi

    Roxy and GiGi are pictured here aboard My Three Sons. The owners of the boat and dogs, Lois and Dave Dolan, have three sons. The three sons are now adults with their own families, so the Dolan’s dogs are more than happy to stand in for their sons on the boat. Roxy is a 5-year-old Shetland Sheepdog, and GiGi is a 2-year-old Maltipoo. They love boating around the San Diego Bay.

  • Mookie

    Shelley Fialkowski’s four-legged furry first mate, Levi, is a 5-monthold Morkie (half Maltese and half Yorkie). This puppy loves taking in the salty air from the sea breeze and watching the fish leap out of the water. Levi is seen here at Pier 32 Marina in National City.

  • Felix

    Felix is a 13-year-old fearless feline. Felix accompanies John Zimmerman and (Leah Hall) on their boating adventures from San Francisco, Sausalito, Long Beach, Newport Beach, Dana Point and Catalina as well as to Mexico. Felix is often seen on their Nordhavn as well as their dinghy. Felix is quite the cruising cat.

  • Whale on the Water

    The canine companion of Rudy and Suzi Svrcek is deeply mesmerized while chopping the coast of Newport Beach in Bohemian, a 43 Tiara. What has captured this dog’s attention? His humans say their four-legged companion, who’s name was not included with the photo submission, was spotting whales for the Svrcek’s near Crystal Cove.

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3 thoughts on “Dog Aboard

  • July 23, 2016 at 7:07 am

    In your November 11-24 2005 issue you published DOG ABOARD picture of my husband and our dog Woody one of our Kayaks. Woody lived to the ripe old age of 16. The water must be good for dogs:-) The other day, we initiated our new puppy Misi to kayaking. She took to it just like Woody. Check out my 23 July Facebook post, the pictures are so similar it is amazing.

  • May 29, 2018 at 6:36 am

    Great when you can bring your best friend on board with you and make it a positive boating experience for the whole family.



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