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Blips on the Radar: Brian Cleveland Dunn convicted

What Happened: Brian Cleveland Dunn’s criminal proceedings came to an end Dec. 3 when an Orange County Superior Court judge convicted the contractor of misappropriating funds while operating a business at Dana Point Harbor.

Dunn will serve one year in jail and be on probation for three years. He paid the county $132,787 after the sentencing hearing to cover restitution.

The 62-year-old county contractor was accused of falsifying $130,000-plus in county invoices and embezzling more than $400,000 from his employer. Dunn first appeared in court on Nov. 3, 2014. A jury trial was initially scheduled for September but later cancelled.

What’s On Tap: The clock has already begun ticking on Dunn’s probation, which runs through Dec. 2, 2018. He will remain in custody for one year.

Newport Beach enters into 5-year cooperative agreement for mooring management

What Happened: A five-year cooperative agreement between Newport Beach and Orange County to manage moorings in Newport Harbor was approved by the City Council on Nov. 24.

The cooperative agreement establishes and defines the responsibilities of Newport Beach and Orange County for management of moored vessels over City Tidelands. Newport Beach staff stated the city permits about 1,229 public moorings (439 onshore, 790 offshore); Orange County permits about 25 offshore moorings over County Tidelands.

What’s On Tap: The cooperative agreement will run from January 2016 to December 2020. Newport Beach will pay Orange County $304,992 for mooring management services in 2016. The payment will increase to $313,818 in 2017, $321,931 in 2018, $329,591 in 2019, and $333,449 in 2020.

Changes to Lido House Hotel adopted by Newport Beach City Council

What Happened: Zoning changes for a boutique hotel planned to be built at the entrance of Balboa Peninsula earned its final approval on Nov. 24 as the Newport Beach City Council adopted modifications suggested by the California Coastal Commission.

Council members also agreed to create a new city-sponsored program — Fostering Interest in Nature, or FiiN — at Newport Dunes to mitigate the hotel’s “impact on lower-cost visitor accommodations.”

Plans to build Lido House Hotel, a planned 130-room boutique hotel, at 3300 Newport Boulevard will move forward with Newport Beach and the Coastal Commission in agreement of modifications and mitigations.

What’s On Tap: The developer will pay a mitigation fee of $1,415,232 and help the city establish FiiN, a water recreation and education program aimed to bring elementary school children from inland communities to the coast for four days and three nights. The mitigation fee should help fund FiiN for 10 years.

Port of San Diego approves encumbrance increase for Sunroad Marina

What Happened: An encumbrance attached to Sunroad Marina’s leasehold estate was increased by 8.75 percent on Dec. 8. The Port of San Diego’s Board of Port Commissioners unanimously approved an encumbrance increase from $20 million to $21.75 million, potentially resulting in an increased rental rate paid by Sunroad, a 600-slip marina on Harbor Island, to the port district for the upcoming fiscal year.

The port approved a $20 million loan, through BBVA Compass, for the Sunroad Marina leasehold in 2013.

Commissioner Rafael Castellanos recused himself and did not participate in the vote.

What’s On Tap: The loan is now worth $21.75 million as a result of the port district’s action on Dec. 8. Sunroad Marina’s leasehold runs through Jan. 31, 2037.

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