Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup volunteers find rare items

AVALON — The 35th annual Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup, sponsored by USC’s Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber and Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies–Catalina Conservation Divers, removed 4,980 pounds of trash from the harbor in February. 

Trash Removed: 4,980 lbs.
Participants: 406
Sales Revenue: $20,639 

Trash Awards:
Clothing: Fur hat with paws found by Johnny Haire.
Handheld VHF Radio with the label Harbor Patrol along with a number. 
Furniture/Household: Bug Zapper, found by Darryle Abbott.
Bizarre: A three legged eyeball (with adjustable legs), found by Sharon Wallin.
Miscellaneous: Scuba Action Figure, found by Samantha Assad.
Valuable: Rolex watch, still ticking! Found by Randy Gabler.
Worthless: Eight-track tape, found by Kerry Long.
Beautiful: A large square Chinese Teapot with gold accents, found by Phil Darling.

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