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Avalon Vons on course for completed construction in December 2018

AVALON — After years of stalls and hold-ups, it appears Avalon’s plans to merge two Vons markets into one are finally moving forward as planned. Earlier in December, Avalon’s City Council made the announcement construction had finally begun.

Amanda Cook, Planning Director for the city of Avalon, told The Log, “Vons is processing satisfactorily. The construction schedule projects a completion date in December 2018.”

Cook also stated construction is currently in “the grading stage,” which indicates ensuring the foundation base is level and, for instance, during a storm there is an efficient surface runoff drainage system.

In a bi-weekly press release, City Manager David Jinkens stated, “Every effort is being made to ensure that minimum disruption to the community occurs, but there will be some inconveniences.”

At this time, it is unknown whether any little inconveniences have arisen for the locals of Avalon, who have enjoyed the sleepy hideaway qualities of Santa Catalina Island. Franchise establishments at Avalon are a rarity, what with Bluewater Grill, U.S. Bank and Vons supermarket the only familiar brands easily spotted within the city.

Perhaps this process could be similar to the popular children’s tale of the race between the tortoise and the hare – sometimes a slow and steady pace leads to the sweetest victory. Though there is still a long way to go, construction has commenced and by this time next year, it will be transparent whether or not all building plans have been completed.

For more information about the procession of Avalon’s Vons, Cook can be contacted via phone at 310-510-0220 ext. 110 or by email at

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