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Catalina Island Conservancy anticipates grand opening of Trailhead Visitor Center in late summer

Update: Article was changed on 5/24/18 to reflect Trailhead Visitor Center opening at the end of summer instead of August 2018.

AVALON — Catalina Island Conservancy has been working diligently toward finishing one of the most highly anticipated recent projects: the new Trailhead Visitor Center. Scheduled to open towards the end of summer, the trail is located in a prominent position where most come in through Avalon.
Dubbed the “Imagine Catalina” campaign and following the completion of Trekking Catalina, which adds 27 miles of new and enhanced trails and eco-friendly restrooms, the Trailhead Visitor Center aims to welcome each guest as they explore Catalina’s beauty.

Towards the end of April 2017, Catalina Island Conservancy held the 23rd Annual Ball welcomed guests who focused on some of the major accomplishments by Catalina Island Conservancy, namely the progression towards opening Trailhead Visitor Center.
In a press release, Catalina Island Conservancy stated, “The new Trailhead Visitor Center is prominently located where most people enter Avalon, and like the night’s theme suggests, adventure starts here for visitors wanting to learn more about how to explore Catalina’s 42,000 acres of wildlands.”

Among the guests present at the ball were Avalon Mayor Anni Marshall, Field Deputy Herlinda Chico, Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn and California State Sen. Ben Allen, who spoke on the importance of what has been completed by Catalina Island Conservancy.

In a prior press statement released from Catalina Island Conservancy issued in January, it stated in addition to serving as the meeting point for visitors coming onto the island, it would also put a focus on education with naturalist-trained guides to give tours.

Southern California Edison announced in January it granted $100,000 to install and implement a Building Management System, which would also be sustainable and energy efficient as Catalina Island moves towards more eco-friendly energy options.

Once completed, Trailhead Visitor Center will measure 9,000 square feet with multiple levels, meeting spaces, a transportation hub for the Eco Tour program, rooftop deck with views of the harbor, a café and retail merchandise.

Trailhead Visitor Center

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