Dana Point Boaters Association opens new round of input

DANA POINT – The Dana Point Boaters Association  (DPBA) accepted a new round of question submissions to be asked of harbor management through Oct. 31 in an attempt to maintain dialog between boat owners and civic leaders about the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Plan.

According to DPBA Vice President James Lenthall, there is not a hard deadline to submit questions, so anyone with concerns or inquires could still continue to ask about an issue online. However, if anyone wants their question to be heard at the next collaborative meeting between interest groups and civic leaders, only questions submitted by Oct. 31 were included.

Questions submitted after Oct. 31 have been deferred to the next round of submissions to be asked at a later meeting.

“We will be requesting a meeting with harbor management as soon as possible after Oct. 31 to share the latest submissions along with our position on each submission,” Lenthall said.“We use these collaborative meetings to identify and implement responses to our boaters’ ideas, questions, concerns and questions.”

Once the questions are presented to harbor management, Lenthall said representatives of Dana Point Harbor then provide official responses. With official responses in hand, the DPBA would then state its own positions and publish a report the association’s boaters.

“If the timing of our previous rounds remains consistent, we expect to have this report finalized sometime in January. However, we or the harbor department often is in touch directly with each submitter before the final report is published,” Lenthall said.

The boaters association started campaigning for this latest round of question submissions after a recent Dana Point City Council meeting.

A public hearing was scheduled in front of City Council members on Oct. 7 to hear an appeal of the Coastal Development Permit for the Harbor Revitalization Plan.

According to a message posted on the DPBA website, the group had submitted a public records request to city and county officials asking for “all documentations related to the Oct. 7 (to be heard Nov.18th) City Council hearing”

“Specifically, we are interested in learning how the city of Dana Point, on behalf of OC Dana Point Harbor, responds to the ‘significant issues’ raised by [California Coastal Commission] Commissioners Mary Shallenberger and Robert Garcia,” Lenthall wrote

Both Shallenberger and Garcia appealed Dana Point City Council’s decision earlier this year to approve the Harbor Revitalization Plan’s commercial core project. The City Council decision was appealed by the coastal commissioners because of questions surrounding the heights of planned buildings and planned location of dry boat storage space, among other issues.

As noted in The Log’s coverage of the Dana Point City Council’s Oct. 7 meeting, the public hearing on the California Coastal Commission appeal is scheduled to be heard Nov. 18.

For more information about the public hearing and the question submissions, please visit danapointboaters.org.


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