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Hake Marine, builders of Island Packet and Seaward Yachts, has new owners

SAN DIEGO ― Darrell and Leslie Allen are the new managing partners and majority shareholders for Hake Marine LLC, builders of Island Packet and Seaward Yachts, it was announced.

The Allen’s first action was to roll back prices on the Island Packet models to 2008 levels. They have reduced the prices on the Seaward models as well. This is possibly due to a streamlined facility, good standing with vendors and a strong financial position. Buyers can expect the quality to remain at the highest standards and the warranty periods will not change.

“There is a strong dealer network in place to assist our customers across the country,” Darrell Allen said. “We are committed to working with our dealers and clients in creating a semi-custom boat that meets each buyer’s unique wants and needs.”

The Allens own Suncoast Yachts in San Diego, which has been an Island Packet dealer for more than 20 years. They intend to continue the work of Hake Marine in furthering the Island Packet and Seaward brands. Suncoast has also been the dealer for several new boat brands.

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3 thoughts on “Hake Marine, builders of Island Packet and Seaward Yachts, has new owners

  • Purchased a 1995 Seaward 23 with bowsprit 6/6/2018

    Really looking forward to cleaning interior and finally launching in 6 weeks….

    Is there a printed Owner’s Manual I could purchase or a link so I can print one?
    Also, a factory brochure promoting the features?

  • Rudder blade on my 1995 Seward needs repair or replacement

    Cost and availability of factory new blade?

    Any “recommended” repair shops?

  • Hi- I need to talk with Nick Hake about how to fix a mast weld failure on a Seaward 23 1996. Need to preserve the boat design in the fix. Please send him an email and hope he contacts me. Thanks so much.



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