L.A. Harbor marina could be shut down for waterfront redevelopment

LOS ANGELES — A marina along the Port of Los Angeles’s main channel is expected to be closed for renovation later this year, possibly impacting boaters at surrounding marinas during the reconstruction phase.

Boaters at the marina near Ports O’ Call will begin relocating directly across the channel to Cabrillo Way Marina during the next few weeks, according to members of Los Angeles Yacht Club. The port reportedly issued a notice to boaters on Jan. 1 to vacate the marina by March 1. Construction work is expected to begin soon thereafter.

The Port of Los Angeles stated negotiations with the master tenant are still ongoing. Specifics of any potential agreements cannot be revealed until the Los Angeles Harbor Commission reviews and votes upon lease terms, according to Rachel Campbell, the port’s media relations manager.

Information about the marina redevelopment could be available to the public in time for the Harbor Commission’s Jan. 22 board meeting.

The planned project is likely part of efforts by the city of Los Angeles to make the San Pedro and Wilmington neighborhoods viable destinations for local residents and tourists. A Harbor Department presentation to Los Angeles City Council’s Trade, Commerce and Technology Committee in November 2015 updated policymakers of the L.A. Waterfront’s redevelopment efforts, listing Cabrillo Way as a major link to the redevelopment.

Michael Galvin, the port’s director of waterfront and commercial real estate, said Ports O’ Call is “the centerpiece of the L.A. Waterfront development.”

“It’s something we have been working on for some time and really trying to move forward. It’s a very unique site. The site’s unique location makes this development site a one-of-a-kind opportunity that’s going to reintroduce our city to the working waterfront here in San Pedro,” Galvin told members of the Trade, Commerce and Technology Committee on Nov. 17, 2015.

The redevelopment project proposes to make improvements to Sampson Way, build a town square at Sixth Street, and establish a Ports O’ Call promenade.

Port officials anticipate at least $200 million being spent on new public access projects as part of the L.A. Waterfront’s 10-year Capital Improvement Program.

Carol Armitage of Los Angeles YC said the renovation would not impact slips occupied by the club’s members. Those seeking to find a slip a Cabrillo Way Marina once work begins on the Ports O’ Call marina might not have much luck finding space later in the year.

“It doesn’t really have much of an impact on Los Angeles YC. Most of our members have their boats in California Yacht Club-Cabrillo,” Armitage said. “Members deciding to move their boats across the way to Cabrillo Way Marina could find slimmer pickings once they start emptying out the marina at Ports O’ Call.”

A representative from Cabrillo Way Marina confirmed accommodations were being made for boaters potentially impacted by impending renovations. She said 279 slips, as of Jan. 6, were still available to accommodate boaters hoping to relocate. Any boater relocating to Cabrillo Way Marina would be allowed to stay at the marina indefinitely as long as they comply with the marina’s rules and made timely fee payments.

Port officials expect construction of the Ports O’ Call redevelopment to be completed at some point in 2018.

The Los Angeles Harbor Commission’s Jan. 22 meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. at the Port of Los Angeles’s administration building; the meeting can also be viewed live online by visiting portoflosangeles.org/commission/videos.asp.

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