Marina del Rey looks to solidify lease extension and remodel for Parcel 113 area

Draft lease option to be forwarded to L.A. Board of Supervisors in October for $100-million redevelopment of Mariners Village, including opening of promenade and affordable housing.

MARINA DEL REY — There is a long list of cities undergoing redevelopments in Southern California and Marina del Rey is one of them. At the Small Craft Harbor Commission meeting held on Sept. 12, representatives from Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors to discuss a lease option that, according to at least three public commentators, had only been unveiled seven days prior.

The draft lease, an agreement between County of Los Angeles and Marina Admiralty Company, is an extension and proposes renovation of the premises of Parcel 113, which houses the Mariners Village apartment complex.

The County and Marina Admiralty Company have held a lease agreement since Feb. 14, 1967. With the new extension, Marina Admiralty Company would be extended for 42 years and 10 months, leasing the property for the maximum 99 years in California.

Don Geisinger, a representative from the Asset Management Division of L.A. County Department of Beaches and Harbors, stated Parcel 113 currently is the largest parcel in the harbor, holding 981 units. Moving forward, Geisinger added that the movement to renovate was “fueled by affordable housing – that’s what really drives us.”

Of the 981 units, 20 percent of them would be converted into affordable housing; the quota would fit into Marina del Rey’s affordable housing plan, which was established in 2009 and requires at least 15 percent of new development include low-income housing.

County staff described those eligible to take up the new affordable housing as earning $30,000 or less a year, and said tenants under the affordable housing action would pay 30 percent of the standard rate. The base cost of renting a 457-square-foot studio at Mariners Village as of Sept. 28 is $2,151, according to apartments.com.

Mariners Village apartments would be remodeled on the exterior as well as the interior. For the interior remodels, Geisinger stated that would take place over the next six years as tenants moved in and out as to create the least amount of disturbance possible.

In addition to the extra affordable housing units, Geisinger stated the area’s promenade would become open to the public and expanded. Marina del Rey has had problems with diseased trees in need of removal in the past. Geisinger said the trees in the area would stay put.

Overall, speakers seemed concerned residents had not had too much time to review the lease option, which had already been forwarded to Regional Planning. The draft lease is set to be reviewed by the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors next month in October.

According to Geisinger, the “hard cap cost” of the project is $100 million.

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2 thoughts on “Marina del Rey looks to solidify lease extension and remodel for Parcel 113 area

  • there is plenty of affordable housing in east LA. You shouldn’t get to live anywhere you want because you are poor or an “artist”. This is nuts! Go back to doing your job govt and start policing, and filling in potholes.

    • Agree. Capitalism doesn’t always reward the deserving, but for those who have worked and continue to work hard to afford to live in such a place, it’s a real slap in the face to pay $30,000/year more than someone that couldn’t otherwise afford it. Worse yet is that affordable housing is necessary so that essential lower-income jobs can still employ those who live nearby, but Mariner’s village is tucked as far away as possible from all the stores where those jobs are.



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