New lifts arriving at Shelter Island Boatyard

SAN DIEGO — Owners of large boats who frequent Shelter Island will soon have a pair of new travel lifts available to service their vessels as the boatyard is currently installing two hoists.

Once work is completed, the boatyard will be home to a 75-metric-ton and 150-metric-ton travel lift, each about double in size from the about-to-be-replaced hoists.

“It’s been in the works for a few years now,” Shelter Island Boatyard General Manager Wayne Morrison said, adding environmental and administrative hiccups delayed the start of construction.

Work officially began in March.

Landside and waterside pilings are already in place, Morrison added.

“We’re beginning to pour the landside caps,” he said.

Construction is expected to be completed by August. The project’s reported budget is $3.25 million.

Morrison said the new travel lifts will be replacing a pair of smaller hoists. While the 35- and 75-metric-ton hoists are still going strong, Morrison said upgrading to new hoists will allow the boatyard to service customers with larger boats.

“Our customers’ boats were growing in size, so we went to 150-metric-tons to keep up. Being able to handle a bigger workload [motivated the boatyard to upgrade],” Morrison said.

The two travel lifts about to be replaced are not outdated: the 35-metric-ton lift is 8 years old while the 75-metric-ton lift is 6 years old.

Shelter Island Boatyard sold both lifts to make room for the incoming hoists.

The boatyard is located at 2330 Shelter Island Drive in San Diego.

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