Oceanside Harbor seeks to replace boat dock

The harbor’s J Dock was built 55 years ago and suffers from extensive corrosion.

OCEANSIDE—The city of Oceanside wants to replace one of its aging docks, according to the California Coastal Commission’s meeting agenda for Nov. 4-6.

City officials are applying to have Oceanside Harbor’s J Dock replaced. The dock, according to Coastal Commission staff, was built 55 years and has become extremely corrosive.

J Dock is home to 48 recreational boat slips. Rebuilding the dock will not change the number of slips or slip mix.

The new dock, however, would be slightly smaller is size – measuring 17,081 square feet. J Dock currently measures in at 17,102 square feet.

“The existing walkway, fingers, gangways and utilities will be replaced and, in some instances, reconfigured,” according to Coastal Commission staff. “The walkways and fingers will be replaced in-kind with floats made of expanded polystyrene foam, fully encapsulated in lightweight concrete. The existing 35-foot gangway at the northwestern end of the dock will be replaced with a new aluminum 80-foot ADA-certified gangway with a security gate.”

Also being replaced is the 35-foot gangway at mid-dock; in its place will be a new 38-foot gangway made of aluminum.

“No new piles are proposed,” Coastal Commission staff added. “All existing piles will remain in place and be utilized for the new dock structures. New electrical and potable water services will also be installed.”

There are no sensitive habitats in the project area, according to Coastal Commission staff, but eelgrass growth could still occur and potentially affect the reconfigured dock.

“A biological survey conducted in August 2019 found that no sensitive habitats, including eelgrass, existed in the project area. However, the location and extent of eelgrass can change seasonally,” Coastal Commission staff said in a report to commissioners. “Because the proposed dock will change in configuration and the new dock will temporarily be secured with anchors, there is potential that new eelgrass growth could be impacted.”

The Coastal Commission is requiring Oceanside city staff to conduct pre- and post-construction eelgrass surveys, as a condition of the project. Any eelgrass impacts discovered during the course of the project must be mitigated.

Bellingham Marine Industries, according to the Coastal Commission staff report, is the company building the new J Dock on behalf of the city of Oceanside.

Commissioners will consider Oceanside’s request on Nov. 5, the second day of its November meetings. The Coastal Commission will meet virtually, as it has throughout the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Oceanside Harbor opened in 1963, two years before J Dock was built. There are 30 docks in the harbor, with about 960 slips available for lease to recreational and commercial boaters.

Coastal Commission staff has recommended the commission approve the project. The Log will report on the final vote in an upcoming issue.

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