Pilot whale sighting caught off the O.C. Coast

Pilot whale sighting caught off the O.C. Coast

DANA POINT – Dana Wharf Whale Watching reported a rare and unusual event, June 7, when pilot whales were seen frolicking off the Orange County coastline.

The pilot whales were spotted with their babies during a whale watching excursion out of Dana Point and was reported by Capt. Frank Brennan of Dana Wharf Whale Watching.

A pod of 30 to 40 pilot whales were seen swimming about 8 miles off the coast, a sight that veteran fishing captains report to have not seen since 1980.

Alisa Schulman-Janiger from the Gray Whale Census in Los Angeles said pilot whales were seen up until 1983, but have been illusive since that time, making this recent sighting truly unforgettable.

A video was taken by Brennan of Dana Wharf Whale Watching during his 10 a.m. and noon trip on the 63-foot OCean Adventure.

Pilot Whales are 18-20 feet long and feed mostly on squid but also eat small bait fish of all kinds.

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