Public Input Sought on SD Hull Cleaning Regulations

Byline: The Log Staff

Public Input Sought on SD Hull Cleaning Regulations

SAN DIEGO — The Port of San Diego is hosting two public meetings to discuss and seek public input on potential revisions to the current in-water hull-cleaning regulations adopted by the Board of Port Commissioners in July 2011.

The first meeting took place April 25 and a second meeting is scheduled for May 3 in the training room of the Port Administration Building, 3165 Pacific Highway.

The port implemented new regulations for hull-cleaning companies working in San Diego Bay and instituted a permit program, requiring each business to obtain a permit to conduct in-water hull-cleaning activities on San Diego Bay.

The $250 permit must be obtained and a list of Best Management Practices must be followed, in order for companies to conduct in-water hull cleaning in the bay. The goal is to reduce the amount of dissolved copper leaching into the bay from copper-based hull paints.

Since the adoption of the permit system, Port of San Diego officials and staff have received numerous comments and feedback on how better to implement the permit, and the upcoming meeting is a chance for the public to hear the new proposals generated from those comments.

Revisions to the current regulations are hoped to make the program more efficient and effective. Proposed revisions include:

• The port district may issue identification cards to permitted divers.

• Non-copper hull paint may be exempted from the visible paint plume regulation.

• Clarification may be made to language regarding the definition of a business.

• Clarification may be made about the responsibilities all in-water hull-cleaning businesses have to adhere to permit conditions.

For more information on the current policy, visit sandiegobaycopperreduction.org.


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