Queen Mary Goes ‘Dark’ for Halloween

Byline: The Log Staff

Queen Mary Goes ‘Dark’ for Halloween

LONG BEACH — This month, Queen Mary is steaming full-speed-ahead into a “harbor of the damned” at the annual Dark Harbor Haunted Halloween celebration, according to the seasonal event’s promoters. The 15-night event will feature mazes, live music, food, beverages and plenty of surprises for all attendees.

Patrons — or “passengers” — entering Queen Mary’s haunted harbor after sunset are in for a new dimension at this year’s scare-fest. The haunted ship has undergone a macabre makeover at the hands of fright masters long responsible for some of Southern California’s biggest scare-fests. More than 225 monsters and 80-foot tall flames will await those who dare to enter.

The spook-fests began Oct. 5-7 and will continue Oct. 12-14, 18-21, 25-28 and Halloween night, running from 7 p.m. to midnight.

Six mazes will be available for visitors to make their way through. To enter the mazes of Dark Harbor, guests must maneuver through a fog-filled tunnel of cargo containers concealing “monsters.”

The tunnel emerges at the foot of Hell’s Bells Tower, a 50-foot tall tower of 11 cargo containers shooting 80-foot flames into the night sky. This is the centerpiece of Dark Harbor, and is assembled each year with the help of longshoremen from the Port of Long Beach.

From there, visitors can choose to enter any of six haunted mazes — if they dare.

But scares are not the only things visitors will find at Queen Mary’s Halloween festivities. Customers can purchase drinks at the Night Mariners Bar and enjoy live music from local bands. But even in the music lounge, monsters reportedly still lurk, so passengers should beware.

Tickets are available online or on site, and are priced from $24 to $44 depending on the night and if tickets are purchased in advance.

For more information, call (877) 342-0738 or visit queenmary.com.


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