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San Diego boatyard opens prop shop

SAN DIEGO ― Not only does Marine Group Boat Works (MGBW) build and repair boats, the Chula Vista facility now includes a propeller shop. The company has the capability to tune and balance propellers up to 60 inches in diameter with digital PropScan technology.

Intricate propeller work was previously outsourced to Los Angeles, but now the company can handle such jobs since investing in equipment and training, according to MGBW Repair and Service Department Director Eric Lundeen.

More boat owners recognize the importance of maintaining propellers for better gas mileage and performance, according to the company.

“Maintaining a boat doesn’t just mean bottom paints and zinc replacement. Vibration and performance [are also] issues that can be related to unbalanced or damaged props,” Lundeen stated. “Most of the props we’ve scanned were out of tune, and a majority [of them] were tied to noise and vibration issues.”

MGBW has also become the west coast reseller of VEEM Propellers and Gyro Stabilizers.

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