Silverton Yachts Acquired by Egg Harbor Yachts

Byline: The Log Staff

Silverton Yachts Acquired by Egg Harbor Yachts

SAN DIEGO — Silverton Yachts, in business since 1969, has been acquired by Egg Harbor Group, owned by Dr. Ira Trocki. Silverton will join the other yacht lines in Egg Harbor Group, including Egg Harbor Yachts, Davis Yachts, Ovation, Predator and Topaz Yachts. The group builds boats from 33 to 70-plus feet in length.

Egg Harbor Yachts have been in production for 66 years.

“By acquiring the Silverton Yachts line, Egg Harbor Group will expand its entire line to the present Silverton dealer network,” explained yacht broker Chris Droz of San Diego-based Silverton West, the West Coast’s Silverton Yachts dealer.

“We are very proud to be affiliated with the Egg Harbor Group of yachts, and we’ll strive to continue in Egg Harbor’s proud tradition,” Droz said.

For more information, call Droz at Silverton West, at (619) 729-8373; or email silvertonwest@gmail.com.

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