So, You Want to Catch Big Calicos?

Byline: Bart Hall

So, You Want to Catch Big Calicos?

Heck, there are some days that I want to catch any calicos (kelp bass). I’ve caught my fair share of calico bass and I love fishing for them. I’ve done a lot of freshwater bass fishing and calico bass fishing is very similar and I use a lot of similar fishing tackle.

But I am a recreational calico bass angler. There are guys out there that take this kind of fishing very seriously. I remember seeing some pictures that Dave Pfeiffer, president of Shimano America, sent me of him holding some giant calico bass. The size of the bass was only exceeded by the size of his smile.

I release all of the calicos that I catch, but that is just a product of my freshwater bass fishing, where we all release the bass we catch. I have nothing against anybody keeping calico bass. As a matter of fact, one night I was having dinner at the late Bill Poole’s ranch in Montana, and he had just come back from a fishing trip and brought fresh calico bass for dinner. It was delicious.

So, the Fred Hall Show is presenting a way for all recreational anglers to get better and to catch bigger calico bass. This year, one of the main seminar venues is called “The Ultimate Saltwater Experience.” That seminar venue will be a theater and will be different-looking than any other venue that we have had before. The main focus in that venue will be nearshore, offshore and private boater.

In addition to the hourly seminar speakers that we have always had, we are introducing two daily panel discussions to this stage. One covers “Everything the Private Boater Needs to Know,” and the other one is called “The Ultimate Calico Seminar.” On the panel will be Jimmy Decker, Benny Florentino, Corey Sandon and Jack Sowell. This is, arguably, the greatest collection of calico bass fishing minds in the world, and it’s only happening at the Fred Hall Shows … the Ultimate Outdoor Experience.

I know that I am going to be very busy during the shows, but I am going to find some time to sit in on one of those seminars. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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