SoCal Boat Parade Participants Win Top Honors

Byline: Taylor Hill

SoCal Boat Parade Participants Win Top Honors

Each year, boaters in festive spirits spend time and money to decorate and show off their vessels, entering holiday boat parades throughout Southern California.

The twinkling lights, holiday music and themed decorations on boats and waterfront homes attract thousands of spectators to the harbors each holiday season, looking to view the final results of what boaters and parade organizers have taken months to plan.

As the holiday boat parades wrap up, judges are tasked with picking the best of the best, selecting honorees in award categories ranging from “Best Theme” to “Most Humorous.”

Here is an updated list of boat parade award winners from harbors throughout Southern California. Additional local event winners will be announced in coming weeks.



Dana Point Parade of Lights

Best Crew Under 30 feet: Wind Dancer, Rick Midlik

Best Crew Over 30 feet: Endless Summer, Gary Champlin

Best Animation Under 30 Feet: Wind Dancer, Rick Midlik

Best Animation Over 30 Feet: Endless Summer, Gary Champlin

Best Use of Color Under 30 Feet: Doheny Doll, Chuck Micalizzi

Best Use of Color Over 30 Feet: Bella Rose, Mike Medina

Best Use of Lights Under 30 Feet: Goin ta Blazes, Gary MacCleverty

Best Use of Lights Over 30 Feet: Shannon Rose, Shaun Keating

Most Original Under 30 Feet: Furlough Daze, Doug Mack

Most Original Over 30 Feet: Wind Graham, Chip Riddle

Best Theme Under 30 Feet: Mer Sea, Chuck Gramlich

Best Theme Over 30 Feet: Jenny Too III, Denis Tintle

Best Sailboat Under 30′: Mer Sea, Chuck Gramlich

Best Sailboat Over 30 Feet: Bodacious, Earl Reid

Best Powerboat Under 30 Feet: Doheny Doll, Chuck Micalizzi

Best Powerboat Over 30 Feet: Bella Rose, Mike Medina

Yacht Club with Most Entries: Dana West Yacht Club

Judges Choice Under 30 Feet: Wind Dancer, Rick Midlik

Judges Choice Over 30 Feet: Jenny Too III,  Denis Tintle

Sponsor Award Winners

Wind & Sea Best in Parade: Jenny Too III, Denis Tintle

Hennessey’s Mayor’s Cup: Furlough Daze, Doug Mack

White Pelican Best New Entry Under 30 Feet: Sea Senorita

Dream Catcher Yachts Best New Entry Over 30 Feet: Endless Summer, Gary Champlin, Greg Cox

The Woody Cup: Dana West YC Juniors, Ted Olsen

Carlos Mexican Restaurant Best Santa: Why Not, Jeff Scott

Nordhavn Most Unique: Furlough Daze, Doug Mack

Captain Dave’s Dolphin & Whale Safari: Spirit, Lisa and Stephen Peter

Country Fox: Loose Wire, Ron Kessy

Dana Point Boaters Association Spirit Award: Goin ta Blazes, Gary MacCleverty

Chamber of Commerce Best Crew: Wind Dancer, Rick Midlik

Vintage Marina Partners Best Launched: Wendy Ann, Tim Larson

Proud Mary’s Best Music: Bella Rose, Mike Medina

The Coffee Importers Latte Lights Cup: Doheny Doll, Chuck Micalizzi

Dana Wharf Sportfishing Kids Cup: Nowhere Bar, Mike Groves

Harbor Grill Dinghy Cup: Dana West YC Juniors, Ted Olsen

Hennessey’s Best Power Boat: Shannon Rose, Shaun Keating

Wine Bistro Best Sailboat: Mer Sea, Chuck Gramlich


Huntington Harbour Boat Parade

Sweepstakes: LUNA Sea, Huntington Harbour Yacht Club, Dean Oliver

Best Tribute to Theme: Es Lavida, Thomas Martindale

Best Display of Originality: (No boat name), Willingham and Faubert Families

Most Effective Use of Lights: Sandie Bottom, Bruce and Sandie Bechtel

Design Excellence: (No Boat Name), Tom McKnew and Robert Axel

Best Tribute to Holiday Season: Knot For Reel, Robert Snell

Most Whimsical: (No Boat Name), Ron and Melinda Fornator

Most Religious: Kahuna, Calvary Chapel, Pete Valov

Best Youth Decorated: To The Max, Craig Koehler

Most Contemporary: Coho, Brian Griley

Best Animation: Uffda IV, Tony and Karen Faland

Most Beautiful: Hooligan VI, Ron and Joanne Foland

Judges Special Trophy: Always Rushed, Tom and Mary Griley

Best Yacht Club: Fin-tastic, Seagate Yacht Club, Robin Clark

Award of Excellence: May Breeze, Brett and Melinda Mabray

Waterfront Home Winners (homeowner, street name)

Sweepstakes: Sandy Maness, Bounty Circle

Best Tribute to Theme: Joanne Fernbach, Ladona Circle

Best Tribute to Holiday Season: Ray Besso, Gilbert Drive

Most Effective Use of Lights: Paul and Joyce Nikolau, Gilbert Drive

Most Whimsical: John Gilbert and Diane Stump, Gilbert Drive

Most Traditional: Z and Becky Zadro, Wanderer Lane

Most Religious: Vern Mays, Wayfarer Lane

Most Contemporary: William Jones, Wayfarer Lane

Best Animation: Ron and Rita Botwin, Santa Barbara Lane

Most Beautiful: Alan and Marlene Dauger, Ragtime Circle

Judges Special Trophy: Teresa Nichols, Diablo Circle

Huntington Harbour Philharmonic Committee Special Awards: Candace Hoover, Barnstable Circle

Award of Excellence: Mary and Herb Lundin, Nimble Circle

Best Youth Decorated: Daniel Kubeck


Newport Beach Boat Parade

2012 Christmas Boat Parade Winners

Sweepstakes: The Last Hurrah, Rob and Elizabeth Meadows

Best Powerboat: El Navegante, Sasco Electric

Best Sailboat: D25, Peter Barbour

Best Lights: 1st: My Bebek, Arman and Daron Muratyan; 2nd: Amazing Grace, Ed Koll; 3rd Jontika 2, Clayton and Kim Robinson

Humor & Originality: 1st: Two Are Better Than One, Kyle Miller; 2nd: Paddy John, Patrick and Nancy Redmond; 3rd: Paradise Found, Greg Killingsworth

Animation & Special Effects: 1st: Sea Schooner, Travis Petty; 2nd; The Rose Maria, Ron and Rose Cram; 3rd: Naiad, ExplorOcean/Newport Harbor Nautical Museum

Best Music: Sea-Note, Scott Schubert

Best Boat Under 30 Feet: Grad Plan, Leonard and Lorrie Perez

Best 1st Time Entry: Jontika 2, Clayton and Kim Robinson

Best Yacht Club Entry: Sea-Note, Scott Schubert

Ring of Lights Winners

Sweepstakes — Best Overall: Phil and Mary Lyons, 36 Harbor Island, Harbor Island

Grand Prize — Lights And Animation: Jim And Peggy Rich, 802 S. Bay Front, Balboa Island

First Place — Lights And Animation: Bruce Fabrizio, 1407 Bayside Drive, Corona del Mar

Best Theme: Donna Dibari, 710 South Bay Front, Balboa Island

Chairman’s Choice: Robert And Christine Olsen, 351 E. Bay Front, Balboa Island

Best Traditional Lights: Barry And Karen Meguiar, 201 N. Bay Front, Balboa Island

“Green” Entry Award: Maxine Maly Stomber, 810 S. Bay Front Balboa Island

Photographer’s Choice: Bob and Marcy Cook, 538 S. Bay Front Balboa Island

Grand Prize — Humor and Originality: Ken And Tracy Hurd, 832 Via Lido Nord, Lido Island

First Place — Humor and Originality: Bob And Carol Senour, 1000 E. Balboa Blvd, Balboa Peninsula

Best On Lido: Dave Mcintyre – Sasco, 101 Via Lido Soud, Lido Isle

Founder’s Award: Shirley Pepys, 526 S. Bay Front, Balboa Island

Hi Tech Christmas Charm: Greg and Loretta Zimmerman, 327 Sapphire. Ave.

Daily Pilot Award: Dennis and Patty Vitarelli, 140 S. Bay Front Balboa Island

Creative Christmas: Jim and Kathy Busby, 111 East Bay Front, Balboa Island

Best Yacht Club: Balboa Yacht Club, 1801 Bayside Drive, Corona del Mar



Marina del Rey Boat Parade

Best Overall: Ellis Island II

Best Power: Moondoggie

Best Sail: Insolent Minx

Best Charter: Cloud 9, Marina del Rey Parasailing

Best Corporate: Abacus, Marina del Rey Hospital

Best Individual: Tranquilasea

Best Organization: My Time 3, Women’s Sailing Association

Best Yacht Club: Cheetah, California Yacht Club

First Place Animation: Michael

Second Place Animation: Senia Jade

First Place Band: Insolent Minx

Second Place Band: Tranquilasea

First Place Lights: Moorean Bliss

Second Place Lights: Makana

First Place Music: Happy Ours

Second Place Music: Valhalla

First Place Spirit: Unicorn

Second Place Spirit: Billy’s Backyard

First Place Theme: Gracie

Second Place Theme: Halcyon


King Harbor Christmas Boat Parade

Sweepstakes Winner: Ellis Island II, Skipper: Peter Ellis, Theme: Christmas Dreams

Best Power Boat: Beach House, Skipper: Mark Downs, Theme: n/a

Best Sail Boat: Enigma 2, Skipper: Kevin Herink, Theme: A Christmas Wish: World Peace

Best Execution of Theme: Pascal’s Wager, Skipper: Lee and Lorraine Coller, Theme: The Bears Have a Wish

Best Lighting: Hydro Therapy, Skipper: Bruce Honer, Theme: Happy Holidays … No, It’s Merry Christmas, Stupid!

Best Animation: No Name, Skipper: Jerry Edwards, Theme: Make Me Bigger

Best Costumes: Anguillita, Skipper: Susan Larison, Theme: Angels Around Us

Best Fleet: Pascal’s Wager, Skipper: Lee and Lorraine Coller, Theme: The Bears Have a Wish



Ventura Harbor Parade of Lights

Grand Sweepstakes: Salt ‘n Light, Scott Allison

Best Animation: KISS, Ventura Sail and Power Squadron

Best Use of Lights: Stellar, Steve Linn

First Place Winners:

Hokulua, Hokuloa Outrigger Canoe Club

No Regrets, Brian Stanton

Leo, Ventura Yacht Club

Aloha Ohana, Richard Knuppel

Pacific Eagle, Michael Mings

Reel Obsession, Jeff Long

Gone Native, Dave Harris

Second Place Winners:

Dreamer, Ventura Boat Rentals

Dazed and Confused, Scott Ohnemus

Four d’Familia, Doug Clevenger

Paladin, Peter Chartier

Viggo, Ken Long


Channel Islands Harbor Parade of Lights

Sweepstakes Winner: Jr. Executive, Don Yokaitis

Most Humorous Display: Reprieve, Cindy and Nathan Walker

Best Dressed Crew: Jr. Executive, Don Yokaitis

Best Commercial Entry: Central Coast Electric Boats, Frank Lanza

Best Under 30 Feet: 1st: Over the Rocks, Richard Black; 2nd: Open Wide, William Clark; 3rd: The Prisum Polar Express, Roth Johnson

Best Over 30 Feet: 1st: Five O’Clock Here, Kevin and Jennifer Miller; 2nd: Double Barrel, Dusty and Cash Browning; 3rd: Toy Story, Louw Jacobs

Best Yacht Club Entry: 1st: Jr. Executive, Pacific Corinthian YC, Don Yokaitis; 2nd: Bother Me Tomorrow, Timothy A. Smith, Channel Islands YC; 3rd: Out Patient, Randy Alcorn, Anacapa YC



Santa Barbara Parade of Lights

Grand Prize — Best Overall Float: Brie Billups and Shawn Hughs, Scrub A Dub, Boat Theme: Wish Upon a Starfish

Commercial Fishing: 1st Place: Bernard Friedman, Perseverance, Boat Theme: Starry Night; 2nd Place: Cayetano and C Moreno, Knotty Girl, Boat Theme: A Go at Van Gogh

Commercial/Other: 1st Place: Cliff Albritton, Channel Cat, Boat Theme: The Magic of the Holidays; 2nd Place: Eric Nickisch, RV Cormorant, Theme: Starry Night from the Sea Floor

3rd Place: Kevin Leitch, Ranger, Theme: Starry Night

Powerboats: 1st Place: Roger and Sara Chrisman, Polaris, Boat Theme: Stars and Stripes; 2nd Place: David Delorie, Arboleda, Boat Theme: The Stars are Out Tonight; 3rd Place: Steve Wagner, Straight Up, Boat Theme: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Boat

Sailboats: 1st Place: Brie Billups and Shawn Hughs, Scrub A Dub, Boat Theme: Wish Upon a Starfish; 2nd Place: Leslie and Scott Deardorff, Fling, Boat Theme: Wish Upon a Star; 3rd Place: Joseph and Sylv Hahn, Blue Moon, Boat Theme: Starry, Starry, Night


Human Power: 1st Place: Dan McCarter, Gyro Stars (SUP), Boat Theme: Gyro Stars; 2nd Place: Tara Brown, Kayak, Boat Theme: Let it Sparkle; 3rd Place: Sharon Varga, Chiller – Kayak, Boat Theme: Starry Night

Golden Bilge Pump Award for Last Place: Angelica Zavala, Kayak, Boat Theme: Stars, Stars, and More Stars


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