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A Guide to Boating Through Los Angeles Harbor

LOS ANGELES—Los Angeles Harbor, nestled along the sun-kissed shores of Southern California, beckons boaters with its picturesque coastline, vibrant maritime culture and array of amenities catering to both recreational and commercial vessels. From transient sailors seeking a temporary berth to seasoned mariners exploring the Pacific coastline, the harbor offers a wealth of resources and experiences for all who venture into its waters.


Exploring the Harbor:

Spanning the bustling waterfront communities of San Pedro and Wilmington, Los Angeles Harbor encompasses a diverse array of marinas, anchorages and facilities catering to boaters of all stripes. Whether arriving from distant ports or embarking on a local voyage, boaters can expect to encounter a maritime landscape teeming with activity and opportunities for exploration.


For boaters seeking temporary accommodations, the harbor offers a variety of options, including transient slips, guest moorings and anchorage areas. Marinas such as Cabrillo Way Marina, Los Angeles Yacht Club and 22nd Street Landing provide transient docking facilities equipped with essential amenities such as shore power, water hookups, pump-out stations and on-site provisions.


Cabrillo Beach offers a conveniently located, public boat launch accessible via Shoshonean Road off Via Cabrillo Marina in San Pedro. Operating hours for the beach parking lot are from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m., providing ample time for boaters to access the facilities. Paid parking is available for cars, boats, trailers and oversized vehicles, with additional amenities such as boat wash facilities and restrooms on-site. Boaters with attached boat trailers can opt for overnight parking at a flat rate, while personal vehicles without trailers must vacate the premises by 10 p.m. to avoid potential towing.


Transient and Guest Mooring:

Transient boaters visiting Los Angeles Harbor can take advantage of transient and guest mooring options available throughout the harbor. These designated mooring areas provide a convenient and secure place for visiting vessels to dock temporarily while exploring local attractions or restocking supplies. Boaters can contact the harbor master’s office or individual marinas to inquire about availability and reservations for transient and guest moorings.


Resources and Amenities:

In addition to transient moorings, boaters navigating Los Angeles Harbor can access a variety of resources and amenities to enhance their experience on the water. The harbor boasts modern facilities equipped with fuel docks, pump-out stations, repair services and marine supply stores, ensuring that boaters have access to essential services and provisions during their stay.


For those seeking to explore local attractions and amenities ashore, Los Angeles Harbor offers a wealth of recreational opportunities, including waterfront parks, museums, restaurants and shopping districts. Boaters can stroll along the scenic waterfront promenades, visit historic landmarks such as the Battleship USS Iowa Museum or enjoy fresh seafood at one of the waterfront restaurants.


Safety and Navigation:

Navigating Los Angeles Harbor requires careful attention to safety and navigation, given the harbor’s bustling maritime traffic and intricate waterways. Boaters should familiarize themselves with local navigational charts, regulations and harbor rules to ensure safe and responsible navigation while transiting the harbor.


Additionally, boaters should monitor weather conditions, tidal currents and visibility levels, especially when entering or exiting the harbor’s narrow channels and harbor entrances. VHF radio communication with harbor authorities and fellow boaters can provide valuable information and assistance while navigating the harbor’s waters.


Overall, boating through Los Angeles Harbor offers a memorable and rewarding experience for sailors of all skill levels, with its scenic beauty, diverse amenities and rich maritime heritage inviting exploration and adventure on the Pacific coastline. By leveraging the harbor’s transient moorings, resources and attractions, boaters can embark on a memorable journey through one of California’s most iconic maritime destinations.

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