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Driscoll Boat Works Announces First of Major Boatyard Enhancements

New mobile hoist will increase efficiency and productivity for boat owners and operators.

SAN DIEGO— Driscoll Boat Works, a venerable name in San Diego’s recreational marine industry for over 70 years, as of March 13, has significantly enhanced its operations with the introduction of a new 150-ton capacity mobile hoist, manufactured by Marine Travelift Inc., based in Sturgeon Bay, Wis. Renowned worldwide for its innovative boat-handling equipment, Marine Travelift’s collaboration with Driscoll signifies a leap forward in the yard’s commitment to providing top-tier marine services.


Replacing another 150-ton lift, operational since the boatyard’s last renovation in 1992, this new mobile hoist supports Driscoll Boat Works’ mission of excellence in marine services. With a focus on efficiency and productivity, the new lift promises to revolutionize the yard’s operations, enhancing the overall experience for customers.


The introduction of a 150-ton capacity mobile hoist in San Diego offers numerous advantages for boaters. The new features include all wheel steering and remote control which allow Driscoll Boat Works to haul and maneuver vessels within the yard more efficiently. Additionally, factory remote diagnostics will allow for minimizing lift down and schedule regular maintenance based on data parameters rather than the number of hours that the lift has been in service.


Boaters with vessels ranging from 50′ to 110′ in length will benefit in the option of a new safe lift to haul their vessels with.


The new lift also features, all wheel steering, noise suppression, remote control, remote diagnostics, tier 4 engine, DEF exhaust system, 3′ of additional height, forward cross beam extension.


Primarily, it streamlines the process of lifting vessels in and out of the water, eliminating the need for transportation to separate facilities. Its versatility ensures accommodation for various vessel sizes, from small recreational boats to larger yachts and commercial vessels, thus enhancing accessibility for all types of boaters. Moreover, the mobile hoist’s presence expands accessibility to lifting services across different waterfront locations in San Diego, adding to the convenience for boat owners. Additionally, the hoist facilitates quick and efficient lifting, minimizing downtime for maintenance or repairs. Its high lifting capacity ensures safety during the hauling process, fostering confidence in boat owners regarding the security and professionalism of their vessel handling.


Overall, officials said, the introduction of this mobile hoist promises to significantly elevate the boating experience in San Diego by providing a comprehensive solution for lifting services.


The new lift exceeds California’s stringent environmental standards with its Tier 4 level engine, noise suppression technology and DEF exhaust system, which minimizes emissions. California’s environmental standards, particularly regarding Tier 4 level engines, are aimed at reducing emissions from non-road diesel engines. Tier 4 signifies adherence to the fourth stage of emission standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency for non-road diesel engines, including those used in construction, agriculture, mining and industrial equipment.


This new lift marks the first step in a series of planned yard enhancements outlined in a $4.5-million redevelopment proposal. Driscoll Boat Works is presently engaged in negotiations with the Port of San Diego for the renewal of its long-term lease at the Shelter Island facility. These negotiations encompass a comprehensive renovation plan for the facility, including the installation of 200 linear feet of marginal wharf, resurfacing of the existing concrete yard, construction of two new enclosed boat sheds and the implementation of 7,000 square feet of solar paneling. Additional upgrades include the replacement of the 88-ton mobile hoist, renovation of existing building space to provide 4,000 square feet for subtenants and storage, construction of a new 3,000-square-foot administration building, replacement of the storm and wastewater recycling system, installation of 500 linear feet of new floating docks and renovation of the existing fixed pier to accommodate larger vessels.


Founded by Gerald Driscoll in 1947, Driscoll Boat Works has remained family-owned and operated for three generations. The company’s expertise over the years has earned it a reputation for quality workmanship on boats of all kinds. Today, the second generation of Driscolls continues the family tradition, upholding the highest standards of the industry with experienced technicians, certified welders, old-world craftsmanship and a state-of-the-art painting facility. Driscoll Boat Works eagerly anticipates the project to enhance the facility and looks forward to its continued partnership with the Port of San Diego.


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