GetMyBoat Released Its 2023 “Most Popular Boating Cities” Report

GetMyBoat, an online marketplace specializing in putting boat owners in contact with boat enthusiasts, has published its top boating destination rankings, and San Diego has taken third place. “The Most Popular Boating Cities in 2023” report showcases the allure of boating and unveils the intricate tapestry of regional differences that shape the boating landscape. After analyzing more than 100,000 boat rentals in the U.S. over the past year on its platform, GetMyBoat curated data to create its inaugural list of 75 cities.

While Miami was awarded the number one boating city title, six California cities made the top 25, and ten total cities made the list of 75. San Diego came in third, Marina del Rey in fifth, Newport Beach ranked sixth, South Lake Tahoe came in twelfth, Long Beach came in thirteenth, and Sausalito came in twenty-fourth. Los Vegas came in seventy-fifth.

One of the most fascinating insights from the data report is the staggering contrast in boating experiences across the United States. Each of the 25 cities featured on the list, from the beaches of Miami, Florida, to the tranquility of Lake Havasu City, Arizona, offers a distinctive and specific boating adventure. These experiences are influenced by each city’s unique geography, climate, and local culture, creating a rich tapestry of boating diversity.

To develop this report, GetMyBoat analyzed over 100,000 boat rentals in the United States over the past year on the GetMyBoat platform. Data was curated to exclude outlier hourly rates and locations with insignificant sample sizes, while rentals were categorized into the significant categories to be evaluated in this report. Rentals outside of the report categories are labeled as “Other.”

Complete List of 20023’s Most Popular Boating Cities in America

  1. Miami, FL
  2. Chicago, IL
  3. San Diego, CA
  4. Austin, TX
  5. Marina Del Rey, CA
  6. Newport Beach, CA
  7. Honolulu, HI
  8. Fort Lauderdale, FL
  9. Destin, FL
  10. Peoria, AZ
  11. Lewisville, TX
  12. South Lake Tahoe, CA
  13. Long Beach, CA
  14. Washington, DC
  15. Seattle, WA
  16. Lake Havasu City, AZ
  17. Boston, MA
  18. New York, NY
  19. Canyon Lake, TX
  20. Hudson Bend, TX
  21. Clearwater, FL
  22. Charleston, SC
  23. Cape Coral, FL
  24. Sausalito, CA
  25. Fort Walton Beach, FL
  26. Saint Petersburg, FL
  27. Lake Norman of Catawba, NC
  28. Holmes Beach, FL
  29. Cornelius, NC
  30. Minnetonka, MN
  31. Pompano Beach, FL
  32. Nashville, TN
  33. San Francisco, CA
  34. Conroe, TX
  35. Coronado, CA
  36. Bay Pines, FL
  37. Davidson, NC
  38. Sarasota, FL
  39. Lake Wylie, SC
  40. Kirkland, WA
  41. Hickory Creek, TX
  42. Huntersville, NC
  43. Folly Beach, SC
  44. Renton, WA
  45. Key West, FL
  46. Mount Pleasant, SC
  47. Phoenix, AZ
  48. Lakeway, TX
  49. Annapolis, MD
  50. North Bay Village, FL
  51. Bellevue, WA
  52. Galveston, TX
  53. Gulfport, FL
  54. Newport, RI
  55. Milwaukee, WI
  56. Mound, MN
  57. Little Elm, TX
  58. The Colony, TX
  59. Saint Cloud, FL
  60. Sunny Isles Beach, FL
  61. Henderson, NV
  62. Winthrop, MA
  63. Charlotte, NC
  64. Stateline, NV
  65. Naples, FL
  66. Deerfield Beach, FL
  67. Seabrook, TX
  68. Tampa, FL
  69. Acworth, GA
  70. Copake Lake, NY
  71. [Folsom], CA
  72. Riviera Beach, FL
  73. Orange Beach, AL
  74.  Tahoe City, CA
  75. Las Vegas, NV


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