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Huntington Harbor Commission Launches Expanded Website

The public can now access links to the commission’s strategic plan, monthly harbor report, and harbor map on the website, future features will include stand-up paddleboard and kayak safety tips; information on rules of the road and boater safety; and event announcements.

HUNTINGTON BEACH— The Huntington Harbor Commission checked off one of its 2021-22 strategic plan goals on May 28, launching an expanded website aimed at keeping harbor users better informed. The commissioners were given an update about the website at their May 27 meeting, and the site went live the next day. The site has a public service announcement section featuring a boat safety message from Commission Chair Bill Larkin, event announcements, and links of interest including; the monthly harbor commission report; 2021/2022 strategic plan; items regarding the naval weapons base; beach water quality updates; and marine safety division information.

Expanding the Commission website to make it more user-friendly; increase the dissemination of information about current activities and issues in Huntington Harbour; streamline methods for questions and concerns directed to Harbor Commission members, was one of the goals of the Commission’s 2021-22 strategic plan. The plan was created in October 2020 and identifies key projects the Commission hopes to accomplish to meet the growing needs of Huntington Harbour.

There are plans to add even more to the website, including standup paddleboard and kayak safety tips, information on rules of the road and boater safety, a list of qualified SUP and kayak rental companies, event announcements, and map overlays showing fuel docks, launch ramps, pump out stations, and guest docks.

“I think it’s an attractive site, it’s current, it’s easy to navigate and it’s very useful to the public,” said Kevin Justen, senior administrative analyst for the Huntington Beach Fire Department, at the May 27 Commission meeting.

Another recently met goal identified in the plan was increasing harbor safety with a sustained presence of lifeguard and patrol assistance. Staff announced at the May 27 Commission meeting new lifeguard chairs were constructed by fire department staff and placed at all harbor beaches as part of the effort to meet this goal.

Other goals identified in the strategic plan include finalizing beach safety by installing swim lines; adding “no jumping from seawall” signs on the railings adjacent to seawall/bulkheads; installing safety lights on bridges; initiating safety protocols for stand-up paddleboards and kayak rentals to include pre-rental training, “stay right/stay out of the center of the channel” placards, and safety rules; developing clear maintenance and repair guidelines that simplify the multiagency approval process and improve the efficiency of timely repairs and maintenance of docks, walkways, bulkheads, fencing, lighting and other structures that exist on city, county and state waters; identifying opportunities to increase public education to promote the use of the harbor; and partnering with federal, state and county agencies to improve water quality, safety, and infrastructure in and around Huntington Harbour.

The new website can be accessed at

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One thought on “Huntington Harbor Commission Launches Expanded Website

  • Stephen Battaglia , @ Sea Harbour

    We have a medal railing in one of the side channels in back of docks which the harbour responsible for. Is the Harbour responsible for the upkeep or replacement of these metal railings?



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