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No One is Bored at The Cardboard Yacht Regatta!

The tenth annual cardboard yacht regatta event kicks off the summer pool season at the beach house.

SANTA MONICA- On June 18, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Annenberg Community Beach House will host the tenth annual Cardboard Regatta. The event will consist of two-person teams of all ages testing their ingenuity by racing homemade yachts made of corrugated cardboard and duct tape across the Annenberg Community Beach House pool.


Participants must pre-register and bring their decorated cardboard yachts to the Annenberg Community Beach House and prepare to paddle their way across the length of the pool as spectators cheer them on. The race is divided into three age groups, Youth/Youth, Youth/Adult and Adult/Adult.


The yachts must be constructed out of cardboard and duct tape. Builders can also use aliphatic resin (yellow wood glue) and water-based paints to coat the cardboard and decorate. Yachts must be able to carry two sailors who are able to paddle the yacht. Any other construction elements such as pool noodles, foam, wire, staples, or wood are not allowed.


Starting at 11 a.m., the constructed yachts will be on display for fun and voting in their courtyard “slips”. The yachts are always on display before the races to show off the builders’ creativity and building skills before the cardboard take to the water. Spectators are encouraged to vote for their favorite yachts in categories such as “Best Use of Theme”, “Most Likely to Sink”, “Most Spirited Crew”, and the “Marion Davies Award for Fanciest Yacht”. The first race will begin at 1 p.m.; prizes will be awarded to the fastest competitor in each category.



“This event got started as a fun way to wrap up the summer and involve the community in a new way at the Annenberg Community Beach House,” said Beach Recreation Supervisor, Heath Hamilton. “The idea came from myself and another team member, Diana Southern. We had both worked in other places that had similar types of events on a much smaller scale. We took the idea of having participants build and race impromptu cardboard boats and race them on the same day and made turned it into a project that could be enjoyed by friends and family for a few weeks before the event as they imagined, designed, and built their yachts. This event celebrates the beginning of the summer pool season and the fun of creating something with friends and family that may or may not work, but either way people are going to cheer for you.”


The Annenberg Community Beach House opened in 2009 and is built on an historic site that was originally the beach estate of Marion Davies and William Randolph Hearst. The Cardboard Yacht Regatta has always been held here since its inception in 2011.


The Cardboard Yacht Regatta Day pre-registration fee is $20, and early registration is encouraged. The $20 fee covers the yachts participation and there is no extra fee for those who have more than two sailors in their yacht. Food and beverage are not provided but everyone is welcome to bring their own lunches.  Details and registration. Cardboard Yacht Regatta Day is made possible with support from Gregory Annenberg Weingarten, GRoW @ Annenberg.

For pool schedule and information, visit Contact Heath Hamilton by email at or by phone (310-458-4904) with any questions.


The Annenberg Community Beach House is part of the City of Santa Monica Community Services Department the pool will open to the public for the summer season on June 19.

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