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Port of San Diego Allocates $2.2M for Harbor Drive 2.0 and Vesta Bridge Projects

Collaborative Agreement Forged Among Port of San Diego, Caltrans, and SANDAG

SAN DIEGO— The Port of San Diego Board of Port Commissioners has given the green light to a collaborative effort between the Port, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), and San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), approving approximately $2.2 million in funding for the Harbor Drive 2.0 and Vesta Bridge projects.



SANDAG is a regional agency in Southern California responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing various transportation, housing, land use, and environmental initiatives in the San Diego region. SANDAG comprises representatives from 18 local government agencies in the region and collaborates with stakeholders to address regional challenges and promote sustainable growth and development.



Caltrans is the governmental agency responsible for planning, designing, building, operating, and maintaining California’s state highway system and overseeing public transportation systems throughout the state, including mass transit and rail systems. Caltrans also plays a crucial role in addressing transportation-related issues such as traffic management, highway safety, and infrastructure development.


Harbor Drive 2.0 aims to enhance Harbor Drive between the Port’s cargo terminals, streamlining truck routes for more efficient maritime cargo handling. The project will also bolster pedestrian, bicycle, and transit connections while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fostering improved air quality.


The cooperative agreement sees the Port, Caltrans, and SANDAG join forces to advance Harbor Drive 2.0 toward construction. The Port initiated the innovative vision as part of the Port Master Plan Update process, with Caltrans leading the project’s conceptualization and final environmental documentation and SANDAG spearheading its implementation.


Funds totaling approximately $20.7 million, including an $18.5 million grant from the California Transportation Commission’s Trade Corridor Enhancement Program, will facilitate project design and right-of-way improvements for Harbor Drive 2.0 and the Vesta Bridge. The cooperative agreement facilitates fund transfer to SANDAG.


Chairman Frank Urtasun of the Port of San Diego Board of Port Commissioners lauded the regional collaboration, emphasizing its role in enhancing transportation arteries, improving public health, and bolstering the quality of life.


Caltrans External Affairs Manager Aaron Hunter expressed gratitude for the approved funds, highlighting the project’s potential to enhance safety and address long-standing infrastructure needs.


SANDAG and San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Nora Vargas underscored the project’s significance in advancing regional sustainability and connectivity while prioritizing community health and equitable development.


The project’s timeline anticipates design commencement in spring 2024, with construction slated to begin by 2028 and conclude by 2030. Joint efforts by the Port, SANDAG, and Caltrans will seek construction funding.


Harbor Drive 2.0 will integrate intelligent transportation system technologies, safer bike lanes, improved transit connections, and urban greening initiatives, aligning with the Port’s Maritime Clean Air Strategy and commitment to health equity.


Additionally, the Vesta Bridge project will facilitate Naval Base San Diego traffic over Harbor Drive, enhancing base access and traffic flow.


The Harbor Drive 2.0 project underscores the Port’s dedication to environmental stewardship, aligning with its “Health Equity for All” vision and Maritime Clean Air Strategy. With no tax dollars collected, the Port actively manages San Diego Bay’s dynamic waterfront to support public services and amenities while contributing to regional prosperity.

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