ShoreMaster is Prepping Boaters as Boating Season Approaches

Before boating season kicks off, ShoreMaster is encouraging boaters to inspect their dock, lift, and boat to ensure a safe season with some helpful advice.

It’s that time of the year when the offseason ends for boaters, and for those who will be hitting the lake this season, it’s essential to make sure your dock, lift, and boat are prepped and in stable condition to handle all your water activities.


ShoreMaster, a Minnesota-based company, provides boaters with quality waterfront products and has maintenance and inspection recommendations for them to consider before launching into the boating season.


ShoreMaster offers bottom-standing aluminum boat lifts (or hoists) and docks with a capacity range from 1,200 PWC Lifts to 12,500 Hydraulic Lifts. Of course, the most popular model is our ShoreMaster DVS Vertical Lift. Their docks (or piers) are also bottom-standing aluminum docks used primarily on rivers and lakes, with the most popular model being the Infinity RS4, which offers a high standard of quality and aesthetics along with good versatility and easy ownership.


“Yearly inspections for your dock and lift are important to maintain the quality of your product,” said Kelli Heikes, Marketing Manager for ShoreMaster. “Visually inspect your dock and boat lift as often as possible to ensure nothing is amiss and take care of any small problems you see before they become much larger ones.”


For boat lifts, ShoreMaster recommends checking your cables and oiling any spots that may be noisy. Boat lift cables are typically made of steel and must be oiled regularly to prevent rust. 


“Use penetrating oil or cable fluid for this, but not grease, so that moisture doesn’t get trapped in the cable strands,” said Heikes. “And speaking of water, it’s best to avoid leaving lift cables in water for long periods: keep your lift raised out of the water when it’s not in use to prevent it from wearing out. Finally, check for rust spots, fraying, and other signs of damage to know when it’s time to replace your cables.”


While consequences for not maintaining a dock are minimal, as long as you install and remove it properly, it should last you and your family a long time. However, not maintaining a boatlift is a different story. Neglecting to inspect for cable damage could run the risk of a cable breaking and dropping your watercraft into the water. If this is your cabin or second home, you might not know your craft is in the water until much later. Cables are easy to replace and often a service that the dealer offers, so it’s simple to take care of but important.


These inspections and maintenance are not just for personal docks and lifts. Depending on the harbor and marinas’ rules and guidelines, they also apply to harbors and marinas. According to ShoreMaster, most often, it is the boater’s responsibility to tell the marina or harbor that their cable needs to be replaced, and then the service masters can take care of that.


ShoreMaster’s humble beginning started in Carlos, MN, by Dennis Tuel, Sr., who created a lift that was easier to install and built to last longer. A lift that helped waterfront owners make the most of their time on the water. This is still ShoreMaster’s mission today: to make the most of your waterfront. Attention to every detail, every component, and superior welded craftsmanship are what make ShoreMaster systems the envy of the lake. Today, ShoreMaster is located in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, and is sold around the United States by our authorized dealers.


ShoreMaster’s products are limited to our authorized dealers around the United States. If you are searching for your local ShoreMaster dealer, please visit


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