State wardens save captain from sinking sailboat

Vessel was taking on water under cover of night near Two Harbors.

TWO HARBORS – Two California Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) officers patrolling the waters just off Catalina Island near Two Harbors spotted a sailboat in distress just before midnight on Oct. 21. The sailboat was sinking about 500 yards offshore, near Ship Rock.

As the officers approached, the captain of the sailboat came out of the cabin and yelled for help. The boat was grounded on the rocks, taking on water and rapidly sinking.

The DFW wardens maneuvered their patrol boat Swordfish beside the sinking sailboat. The man on the sinking boat was able to jump on board with a few items before the boat sank in 70 feet of water in less than five minutes. The rescued man was taken to Two Harbors and found accommodations there.

The two DFW officers involved in the rescue choose to remain anonymous. As wardens, they can be involved in undercover work. They are also there in times of need.

The Coast Guard was notified and is expected to conduct an investigation.

(CDFW photo)


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