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Two Harbors’ General Store launches grocery delivery service

Boaters and campers can shop for groceries without leaving the campground.

TWO HARBORS — There is one store that has served the community and visitors in Two Harbors for more than 50 years. This past season, a new service was put into place: Two Harbors’ General Store now offers a grocery delivery program.

For $15 at Two Harbors Campground or $20 at Little Harbor Campground, campers can place an order for various items. Groceries will be delivered once daily to the campground. Delivery arrives at Two Harbors Campground Ranger Station at 10:30 a.m. Groceries are delivered at Little Harbor Bus Stop at 11 a.m. Customers must be there to accept delivery. There are no alcohol deliveries. Credit card must be used to make payment.

Deliveries are not made directly to boats, though boaters could visit one of the two campgrounds and pick up a delivery there. In Avalon, a local store does offer a boat-to-boat breakfast delivery service.

The General Store in Two Harbors is a fully operating store that offers groceries and supplies to residents, boaters, tourists and campers year round. The store is open currently in the off season from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with extended hours from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. during the busier seasons.

Groceries  in Two Harbors

The store has a wide selection of grocery items, fresh produce, ready-made grab and go items, self-serve coffee, hand-scooped ice cream and specialty products. There is also a selection of wine and beer as well as block or crushed ice.


The store has all the basics when it comes to fishing gear. There are lines, jigs, sabikis, weights/sinkers, lures and bait including frozen squid and anchovies. The shop has approximately a ten foot section devoted to fishing including rods, gloves, knives and measures. For lobster season, they even stock hoop nets and gauges. The store staff is happy to help with fishing tips and locations.

The General Store also offers souvenirs and clothing. The souvenir and clothing sections include sundresses, hats, sunscreen, floaties, sandals, bathing suits and apparel with the Two Harbors logo. There are also handcrafted gifts and jewelry from local artists.

For more details on the store and the delivery service, go to

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