Thoughts on Refugio oil spill

Cheering for Walsh

Re: Cheyenne’s permit will not be renewed: I’m sorry that the expedition hasn’t happened yet, Chris! I hope it works out for you soon. I’ve been looking forward to reading/hearing about it.

Nancy Hansen
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Jetpacks should be illegal

Re: It’s official: Jetpacks allowed to take off (July 3 issue). Regardless of their decision they can’t pass a law allowing this company to break the law. He is clearly obstructing the safe passage of vessels in a federal channel. He does not respond on the radio when called on channel 16. He ignores right of way rules. It’s loud; anyone can get a cheap decibel meter at Radio Shack to prove this. He exceeds 5 mph/ no wake. Most people throwing a wake as big as his would be pulled over by the Harbor Patrol. I don’t understand how Harbor Patrol can lie and say they’ve received zero complaints. I know over 10 people who have called the Harbor Patrol to complain. This thing does not belong inside Newport harbor.

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A few comments on Dock Lines 

I enjoy The Log and read each issue with pleasure. In the article by Capt. Nicole Sours Larson on Moving the San Salvador in the 31 July issue of the paper (30 July posting), two minor errors: the steel was donated by NASSCO (originally an acronym for National Steel and Shipbuilding Company) and technical support was provided by the Southwest Section of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.

Frederick (Rick ) Ashcroft
Vice President for Technology – The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
and Principal Engineer, General Dynamics NASSCO

A happy reader

*Excerpt from a longer letter: The Log helps me get through the hard days in here. I can just open it and be right there on the boat or at Catalina Island. I read FishRap and remember the day my young daughter, Joyce, took the picture of me kissing my catch then getting the pictures back from our trip then sending it in and one day opening The Log to the FishRap section and there I was. When I showed it to Joyce I was in tears and thanking God for it being chosen. It’s a memory I will never forget. 

Joseph Ayala 

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