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Letter to the Editor: Hey, Governor: Hands Off Cal Boating

Byline: Cotter Henderson

I just read the front-page article in the Jan. 20-Feb. 2 issue of The Log (“Governor Plans to Eliminate Cal Boating”). I guess I should be surprised that, after four past unsuccessful attempts by two previous governors, Gov. Jerry Brown also is now trying to get rid of the California Department of Boating and Waterways (Cal Boating) and “repurpose” all those funds that boaters pay specifically for boating facility improvements and maintenance. Sadly, I’m not surprised: It seems like government business as usual.

A government agency that is self-supporting — totally funded by boating-related fees and the interest it makes on loans for new boating facilities, and taking not one penny from the state’s general fund — gets no reward from politicians for its fiscal responsibility. Instead, our government representatives see only a healthy agency that has funds they can take and divert into some mismanaged agency that is in the red.

I went to thelog.com and used the sample letter (accessible by clicking on the “Take Action” item) to email my state legislators and Gov. Brown. As boaters, all of us have to make it clear to our representatives — all over again — that Cal Boating is vital to boating in the state of California. Tell them to leave the agency and its funding alone, to continue working efficiently.

Cotter Henderson
Rancho Palos Verdes

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