Letter to the Editor: America’s Cup Race Site Excludes Public from Best Views

Byline: Lewis Brackett

Traditionally, the America’s Cup race course has been out in the ocean, so everyone with a boat could gather round and watch the event. Reading a story about the race in the latest Yachting magazine, I discovered this year’s race course is just off the club’s marina — so, only people paying thousands of dollars can get a good view of the start and finish line … and the race in general, for that matter.

Marina slip spaces are going for $35,000 to $75,000 for the race month alone. And each boat over 80 feet in length can only have up to 11 people on it.

Talk about the “uber rich.” What about the rest of us?

True, there is room for boats out in the harbor, away from the course. But I thought this was “America’s” Cup: for everyone.

How come I haven’t heard about this before? And how come Yachting magazine thought this was “OK” ?

The America’s Cup race location in San Francisco Bay is outrageous. If that had been tried here in San Diego (when our city hosted the Cup races), I would have made my way down to the courthouse for an injunction!

Lewis Brackett

San Diego

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