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Letter to the Editor: Nine-year Reader Comments on The Log

Byline: Anthony E. Haskins

I’d like to make a few short comments on The Log.

* I have enjoyed your paper for the last nine years I’ve been a boat owner and slip renter in Oceanside Harbor. Thank you.

* In The Log (July 6-19) issue No. 923, on page 28, the article about the Mercedes that was driven into the harbor states in Paragraph 5 that the police found “no indication of wrongdoing,” yet Paragraph 3 states the driver was on his cell phone. I believe that’s illegal. Hopefully, the driver will have to pay for the lifeguard’s time.

* I miss the crossword puzzles.

* Oceanside is never listed in the Harbor Blotter. Are we crime- and rescue-free?  Maybe that justifies our recent 30 percent slip rent increase? Or the $500,000 900 hp Oceanside Police Department patrol boat?

Again, thank you for your fun and informative publication.

Anthony E. Haskins
SV Poquito Mas, Columbia 26 MK II


Thanks for your comments.

In answer to your question about Harbor Blotter, Oceanside Police Department’s Harbor Unit has occasionally supplied information for past Harbor Blotter sections. It has not submitted information in recent months, but we will work on getting more Oceanside Harbor Blotter items in future issues.

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