Historical facts about beloved boats

Historical facts about beloved boats

I am sure many yachting enthusiasts enjoyed your article about Portola including me. As far as I am concerned, there is no finer, well-maintained yacht anywhere.

I would like to add some factual information to an already fine article. Contrary to rumors this yacht was built for Frank W. Davey of Hollywood, California. Originally named Dolphin, designed by Douglas M. Callis, a local naval architect, she was launched Feb. 19, 1928 at a cost of $60,000. If you have access to a 1928 or so Pacific Coast Yachting, this yacht is in a Harbor Boat Building Co. ad.

Another yacht that still is in existence is the Sobre Los Olas which is today at Marina del Rey. This yacht is a 100 foot version of the Portola and if you look in your archives of Pacific Motor Boat magazine from 1928 to 1930, on page 30 and 31 you will see an article about her. Both yachts are all but identical in profile only difference is length.

Henry B. Hamilton Chino Hills, Calif.

Reader responds to RBOC support for legislation to phase in boat operator certification  

I read this article in the April 11 edition of The Log and it made me angry I can’t believe Recreational Boaters of California are going to back this.

Have they been granted a guarantee to get some of the millions that this will generate?

The state doesn’t care about people’s lives. They see this as big money grab.

Think of all the boaters in California that will have to pay and also pay for a class for this license. Youngsters on PWC can be regulated by parents or have a parent on board.

SB 941 is a big NO and a lot of businesses will go under, like boat rentals, because people won’t get a boat license just to rent a boat. SB 941 is taking more of our rights away to be free and have fun.

Seems anything we do these days requires money to Sacramento. Having a license will not make us better boaters.

Randall A .Young

Letter edited for clarity and brevity.


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