Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

Re: Oh Deer: Catalina Island facing overpopulation of four-legged island dwellers (July 13-26 issue)

Hunting is a solution
Hunting would be a good way to thin them down. Just do it during the week to minimize tourist interaction; possibly in the off season.
Stan Robosson

Non-residents and deer hunting
Make it easier for non-residents to hunt; also more affordable with higher limits per visit.
Victor Schedko

 Suburban deer populations
Obviously, deer are not eating garbage. Deer are native to California. Even if there are 2,300 deer on Catalina, that would be about 30 per square mile. The state of Delaware targets 40 deer per square mile for management. The number is only slightly above a recent estimate for optimal deer population in a forest of 15 to 28 per square mile, see: deerfriendly.com/deer-density-and-forest-regeneration. A suburban environment can support up to 100 deer per square mile, see: deerfriendly.com/deer-density.
Kent Webb


Re: On dock carts and other pet peeves (June 29-July 12 issue)

 Gripin’ on varying locations
I have my own folding cart and simply don’t care anymore about the “problems” the author identified. If nothing else, it saves me that final return-the-marina-cart-to-the-dock trip. Once I’m loaded, I toss it in the back of my huge puck up along with everything else and I leave.

I think your parking gripe is very much location dependent. Plenty of room where I’m at – and that’s NOT at MDR or the OC.
Oswaldo B.

 The “me-attitudes”
Ignorance and rudeness go hand in hand. Amazing how so many people today ignore the “Beattitudes” in the Bible. Instead they have what I call the “Me-attitudes”. It’s the result of our Government programs that coddle people and teach them to not be responsible for their actions; and only think about their own selfish wants and instant gratification. Today’s Democratic Party is nothing like it was back when FDR was the greatest President we ever had. He did so much for our country and created programs to eliminate illiteracy and get people to work instead of promoting welfare and keeping them down on the plantation.
Wayne Ford

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