Letter to the Editor: Support Fish and Game Commission President Dan Richards


Dan Richards, president of the California Fish and Game Commission and a consistent advocate for sensible science-based conservation and the rights of anglers in California, is under attack — and he needs our support.

Recently, a call for Richards’ ouster was issued by certain animal-rights groups and several politicians (including Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom), because he went hunting in Idaho and shot a mountain lion — which is legal to hunt in that state. Richards did nothing illegal, yet he is being criticized for his actions.

In fact, the REAL reason many politicians and environmental radicals seek his removal has nothing to do with Richards’ hunting trip. It (in my opinion) is directly related to Richards’ votes against the unfairly imposed Marine Life Protection Act fishing closures of more than 15 percent of the state’s coastal waters. Richards was often the sole voice of reason during meetings where MLPA closures were railroaded through, and was the only commissioner to consistently oppose the plan that (seemingly) ignored input from sport anglers statewide.

Now, I guess, the “enviro-radical powers that be” are getting even with him. First, they’re trying to remove him from his position as president of the commission. Second, they’re trying to oust him from the commission completely.

However, REAL conservation and sportfishing advocates are not convinced. At a recent Fish and Game Commission meeting, more than 60 members of the public got up and expressed their support for Richards.

Its time for all the rest of us to do that, too.

Take a moment today to write your state representative, your state senator, the governor and the lieutenant governor, and express your support for Dan Richards to continue serving as president of the California Fish and Game Commission.

Bruce Rollins
San Bernardino

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