RACING STATS: Oct. 9 edition

Santa Barbara Channel Challenge/Ventura Cup results

SANTA BARBARA – The Santa Barbara Channel Challenge/Ventura Cup took place last month with individuals and teams sailing in two windward-leeward races and an offshore random leg race.

Ventura Yacht Club’s Team Gold retained the Cup, but not without a strong attempt by Ventura YC’s Team Blue to dethrone the defending champs. Representative from Santa Barbara Yacht Club indicated they plan to come back next year and reclaim the Cup they held for several years.

Individual and team results:

Class A: 1–Rival, J-35, Dave Boatner (2-1-1); 2–E Ticket, Santa Cruz 37, Tom Hudson (1-2-3); 3-Troublemaker, Shock 35, Rod Abbott (3-4-2); 4–XS, Mull 30, Geno Beville (6-3-4); 5–Superlumjinal, FT 10, Jerzy Poprowski (4-5-5).

Class B: 1–Asylum, Zap  26, Dave Trude (1-1-3); 2–Pangea, J-30, Mike Leary (2-2-4*); 3–Fusee, Beneteau 38, Harry Krum (4-4-4); 4–Fat Tuesday, Schock 30, Carlos Brea (3-3-6); 5–Maverick, Catalina 36, Bill Brayton (6-5-2); 6–Paradise Found, C&C 37, Jim Albert (5-6-5); 7–Alcyone, Catalina 350, Gary Goodman (7-7-7). (*Pangea won race 3 but took a 40 percent arbitration penalty.)

Class C: 1–Jaded, J-24, Deke Klatt (1-1-1); 2–Disheveled Rogue, J-24, Garrett Baum (3-2-2); 3–Tortoise, J-24, Suzi Ramey (2-4-4); 4–Within Reach, J-24, Claudia Gottstein (4-3-5); 5–Out Patient, Cal 29, Randy Alcorn (5-5-3).

Class D (non-spin): 1–USA 3324, J-24, Braedon Baum (2-1-2); 2–Velero, Islander 29, Brent Swanson (3-3-1); 3–Eclipse, Moore 24, Jim Dembowski (3*-2-3). (*Eclipse won race 1 but took a 40 percent arbitration penalty.)

1—VYC Team Gold 15 (Rival 2-1-1, Pangea 2-2-4, Jaded 1-1-1); 2–VYC Team Blue 17 (Asylum 1-1-3, Disheveled Rogue 3-2-2, USA 3324, 2-1-2); 3–VYC Team 1 28 (Troublemaker 3-4-2, E Ticket 1-2-3, XS, 6-3-4); 4–VYC Team Red (Fat Tuesday 3-3-6, Tortoise 2-4-4, Eclipse 3-2-3); 5–CIYC 32 (Fusee 4-4-4, Maverick 6-5-2, Velero 3-3-1); AYC Team 2, 48 (Superluminal 4-5-5, Alcyone 7-7-7, Out Patient (5-5-3). 

Ventura Sailing Club’s 11th annual Prison Break Results

VENTURA — The Ventura Sailing Club’s Prison Break started on Sept. 12 with the arrival of the eight participating boats into Prisoner’s Harbor on Santa Cruz Island throughout the day.

All contestants must start the race on anchor exactly where they spend the night, so choice of positions in the harbor is an important beginning to the strategy of winning. As is the tradition on the first day of this event, after choosing the prime locations to anchor, participants enjoyed a hike on the island as well as snorkeling, kayaking, and socializing with friends 

1st: Out Patient, Randy Alcorn; 5:59:35
2nd: XS, Harrison Cooper; 5:34
3rd: Camelot, Mike Adams, 6:39:30
4th: No Name, Lori Kalestad, 6:54


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